How to Recover Deleted Selfie Photos

Myra’s selfies from her recent Europe tour were her lifetime memories. As a solo woman traveler she kept her friends and family updated about her whereabouts with daily selfies during the trip. Not to mention some were specially shot for Instagram and SnapChat profiles.

How to Recover Deleted Selfie Photos

She had her duke face, kissy face, bright sunshine, cheeky, lazy, and all sorts of selfies with The Colosseum, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Santorini’s Red beach, and lot other amazing places behind.

But the fun was met by a nightmare. She accidentally deleted about 50 selfies from her Android phone Gallery app in a spree to free up some storage space.

She hadn’t transferred them to her laptop also!

Myra had lost her precious selfies from her phone and now she was clueless about how to recover them. If you had a similar story as Myra and have lost your precious selfies, read this post to know the various methods to recover deleted selfies from Android phone, iPhone, SD card, pen drive, computer, memory stick etc.

Best Methods to Recover Deleted Selfies

  1. Recover from Google Photos
  2. Recover from ‘Recently Deleted’ folder on iPhone
  3. Use selfie photo recovery software
  4. Use Android data recovery software

Method 1: Recover deleted selfies from Google Photos

If you use Gmail account, your selfies should be in Google Photos on your phone. The photo sharing and storage app keeps the selfies shot with your mobile or shared via chat, even after they are deleted from the phone.

Steps to recover deleted selfies with Google Photos

  • Open Google Photos app on your phone.
  • Find and select the deleted selfies, which you want to restore.
  • Tap on three dots on top right.
  • Select ‘Save to device’. The selfie will be saved in your phones Gallery app under Restored folder.

Didn’t find your selfies in Google Photos? Recover from Trash.

If you don’t find your selfies in Google Photos, look for them in Trash or Bin of Google Photos app. Any photo deleted from Google Photos remain in its Trash or Bin folder for 60 days, post which they are automatically deleted from the app.

Steps to restore selfies from Google Photos Trash/ Bin

  • Open Google Photos.
  • Tap on three dots on top left and click Trash or Bin.
  • Next find your selfies, touch, hold and tap Restore.

Method 2: Recover deleted selfies from iPhone

As an iPhone user you can rely on iCloud or iTunes backup to recover deleted photos. However, there’s one more location where you can find your deleted selfies i.e., the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder on your iOS device. The folder keeps all the deleted photos including your selfies for 30 days. Selfies from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Instagram, or Snapchat etc., all can be found in this folder.

Steps to recover from ‘Recently Deleted’

  • Go to the Photos app on iPhone.
  • Select Albums > Recently Deleted.
  • Find the missing selfies, select, and tap Recover.

Method 3: Use selfie photo recovery software

If you don’t have backup, use a photo recovery software to get back the deleted selfies. Download a professional photo recovery software such as Stellar Photo Recovery on your computer. It is apt to restore selfie pictures from laptop, SD card, SDHC, SDXC, pen drive, USB flash drive, etc.  Whether your deleted selfies are from Sweet Selfie, Facetune 2, AirBrush, B612, or YouCam Perfect, the software recoups all. The DIY software is easy to use for even a non-techy. Moreover, you can restore hundreds of selfies with their original name and date and timestamp. The advanced photo recovery software can even restore lost selfies from damaged, corrupt, formatted and even encrypted hard drives, SD cards etc. These selfie recovery software are available for both Windows and Mac computers.


  • Immediately stop using your SD card or other media until you recover lost selfies from it to prevent overwriting and maximize the chances of recovery.
  • Don’t save the recovered selfie photos in the same SD card from which you deleted or lost them.

Method 4: Use Android Data Recovery software

If you don’t find your selfies in Google Photos or in mobile SD card, you may try Android phone data recovery software. There are many Android Recovery tools available that can restore deleted data along with selfies from your Android phone’s internal memory.

However, to use these tools you should be highly tech geek as it requires to root your mobile phone. Rooting bypasses mobile security and lets you install third-party software which your Android manufacturer would not allow. Nevertheless, the technique lets you recover deleted selfies from your Android phone.

Wrapping up

It’s really annoying to lose your selfies due to accidental deletion or other technical glitches. However, the good part is you can recover deleted selfies from Google Photos app, iCloud backup, iTunes backup, or ‘Recently Deleted’ folder on iPhone.

In absence of backup, selfie photo recovery software are the best resort. You can recover deleted selfies from hard drive, SD cards, pen drives etc. To restore selfies from internal memory of Android mobile phones, you may try the togher, Android data recovery tool.

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