Snapchat Update Offers Exciting Features

Snapchat new features will allow face swapping with any image on the camera roll.

Snapchat Update Offers Exciting Features

The ‘Face Swap’ feature of Snapchat became extremely popular. It allows users to swap their face with anyone or anything in real time. The feature became a craze among youth.

Now, Snapchat has come up with a latest update for iOs devices and well as Google Play Store. The Snapchat update add a new layer to the ‘Face Swap’ feature since it offers an opportunity to the user to swap faces with a picture that is already saved in the camera roll of the phone.

Snapchat update of the camera roll face swap can found within the lenses that can be accessed when the user taps and holds on his / her face in a selfie mode.

It may also be accessed with the help of the rear camera of the device. The only thing which is necessary is that it should be pointed at someone’s face. When a user downloads the Snapchat update, the new camera roll version will automatically become visible as an option beside the initial face swap lens.

Snapchat new update allows a new row of images to be displayed above when the user selects the new lens. It is not that any picture from the camera roll can be selected, however, Snapchat would sort through all those pictures in order to seek out faces.

This is something that users need to get used to since when the user is scrolling towards the right side and if the speed of the user is fast, the entire thing will reset from the beginning. Despite this, the actual face swapping feature works fine. It may be a little difficult in the beginning but it is fun.

Snapchat update also offers another notable change. The app deletes messages when they have been opened, it allows users to watch an old snap every day. Last fall the app offered 3 more replays of previous snaps for only .99 Dollars.

This practice has been stopped right away. A user will now be able to replay all messages for free at least once. There will be no limit either day-wise or money-wise.

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