Haiti braces for Powerful Hurricane Matthew

Haiti braces for Powerful Hurricane Matthew; Hurricane update has revealed that Matthew has become more powerful and dangerous. It is now being dubbed as a Category 4 storm with winds of 145 mph. The storm is slowly closing in on Haiti.

Haiti braces for Powerful Hurricane Matthew

The long range track of hurricane Matthew shifted towards the west and raised threat to the east coast of Florida State. A state of emergency has been declared in the state.

National Hurricane Center has released a statement saying that there are possibilities of direct impacts with the storm sometime during the week. It can also affect Georgia and Carolina. Hurricane watches are most likely to be issued today for many parts of Florida State.

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Hurricane Matthew was following a track which was expected to move towards Haiti. It will hit Cuba and Bahamas. In both the areas, hurricane watches have been amplified recently.

The center of the Hurricane Matthew is situated around 190 miles to the southwest of Port Au Prince in Haiti. It was recorded moving northwards with a speed of 7 mph.

The winds of Hurricane Matthew increased to 145 mph thus turning it into a powerful category four storm.The Saffir-Simpson wind scales is used for measuring the wind power of the storm.

The hurricane center further revealed that over the next few days, there are likely to be fluctuations in the strength of the storm. However, Hurricane Mathew will still remain very powerful and potentially dangerous when it moves towards Haiti and Cuba.

On Monday night, the pressure inside Matthew dropped and raised fears that it would gain further momentum as it reaches Haiti.
Parts of the Caribbean have also been covered by Hurricane warnings.

However, the same have been downgraded for Jamaica. It is expected that Hurricane Matthew will start lashing Haiti after sometime. On Tuesday, the storm will reach Cuba.

The Hurricane center has issued warnings to people in Hispaniola, Florida Keys, Florida peninsula and the Bahamas to keep a very close watch on the storm.

Hurricane Matthew will be responsible for very strong winds. It will also be accompanied by heavy rainfall particularly in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba.

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