Amber Rose Body Shaming Controversy on DWTS

Amber Rose bounced back from the body shaming scandal when she made a sexier appearance ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Amber predicted that the routine will be too hot to be handled by the viewers of television.

Amber Rose Body Shaming Controversy on DWTS

The host of the talk show was cross when she got the impression that the judge of the program, Julianne Hough had tried to remark at her body shape and shamed her. This had occurred during the previous week. Ms. Hough had remarked that she was not comfortable with the sexy moves made by the curvy contestant.

However, on the night when Ryan Lochte was facing a protest. Women present in the audience of the show started shouting when there was quiet for judges’ contemplation.

Amber Rose disregarded all those people indulged in body shamed and displayed her sexiness. She also said that she felt she had been shamed during the previous week.

Amber was wearing a very tight bodysuit with suspenders, stockings and high heels. This allowed her to expose her assets in a very provocative manner. She was very defiant in her moves and words when she said to her partner that she was going to embrace her sexuality and not give any heed to body shaming.

When her partner said that it will be too hot for television, Amber simply agreed and said, ‘oh yeah.’ Some of the members within the audience started fanning themselves when the sexy Tango started.

The number ended her partner climbing on top of Amber Rose. Before the judges began contemplating, Rose chose to confront Julianne. The later said that she did not mean anything wrong and her words were taken out of their context. She insisted that she had referred to Amber’s dance and not her body.

Rose told Julianne about her body shaming remarks that they had made her feel very embarrassed. Amber also alleged that Julianne had meant her body and not her dance. Amber further said that if she did misunderstand the judge, she apologizes to her.

At the end, Amber reiterated the fact that she was a very positive human being and doesn’t usually like to make arguments. She was not the one who would bicker about petty things.

Julianne stood up from her chair clapping. She said that she was on the show as a judge of the dancing prowess of the contestants and nothing else and the body shaming allegations were wrong.

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