iPhone 7 Technology Blamed to be Copied

There is big news that some people say about iPhone and we are also broke through this news. When we are checking trial by apple, we feel that Samsung want to beat apple. Apple claims that, this is not true. Apple seems like others hand set but it does not mean it is a copy of any other mobile.

iPhone 7 Technology Blamed to be Copied

This is a big question with the phones designers, how it is similar the brand of Sony? When we curved the screen, it is not curved like another sets. It looks like the Sony mobile screen. iPhone have special features, but Samsung company say that is copy of Sony mobile.

This is a big challenge for I phone to prove it good brand. Some people who are worked with Samsung they says, when they started this project, that was the reason of their anxiety. They looked at the first Walkman, it is a square with buttons, and even the hard disk and chip is also similar. Then they look outside has many chips.

Samsung gets a lot of criticism on Apple by copying their brand; it is the other way the design of Samsung and Sony also.

This thing even shows up scrolling beside the other side of the machine, it still looks like one big display. The screen also does not grade down quite as severely as it does on the Galaxy S6 Edge.

In the answer of I phone they claim that we enhanced part of the device adding new things, has digital control. In addition with it we give a read action and gesture with persons. I phone series is a famous series so some so-called companies make a lame issue. Our users know the especially of our brand name I phone. They say that they are attacked by their revival.

Apple I phone has three sensors on the bottom of their phone 7; the idea has a 5.5 inch screen HD with a 2560 – 1440 pixel display. The designer also say the I Phone 7 in three imagine it is using build up things.

Apple Company says that there is no hand set is who compete with apple sets. We also want to know that is it true? That companies claim that apple is copy mobile. Anyhow apple has good name and I phone at its big and versatile brand.

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