Tornado kills 13 to Mexican border city Ciudad Acuna

A tornado raged through a city on the U.S. Mexico border Monday, May 25, 2015. It is destroying homes, cars like matchsticks and astonishing a baby away from its mother. Eye witness said at least 13 people were killed. There is reported 12 people are missing In Texas, people were said that they are stayed at home for the holiday; it was sweep everything with floodwater.

Tornado kills 13 to Mexican border city Ciudad Acuna

On the Cuidad Acuna City, the storm has come just before 6 a.m. There are many people were getting standing by for work and buses also were way to taking children to the school. In just a second storm has destroyed everything. Narrator said there is nothing to standing, not walls, not roofs, telling that some of the destroyed homes on a 3 square kilometer widen.

Witnesses reported that they seeing the enlarged Blanco River push the houses off their base and break it into a bridge. It has damaged the rooftops, through out windows. The Fire officials said 10 apartments were seriously damaged and other nonstop minor damage.
Millions of trees beside the Blanco were spoiled, and they collected in lots of waste those sad about 20 feet high. Some people said that the structure of complete house were collapsed with the flood, it has carry away all furniture.

The baby was also missing after the storm that hit the city. This city of about 125,000 babies has taken away the child’s shipper from the mother’s hands and sent them it in the air. By strong sources, we come to know that 13 people were confirmed dead, 10 young and three kids. There is at least five people were unaccounted for.

Rescue workers find the victims dug through the ruins of broken homes. The storm has overcome and hit a seven block area. It is said that there are 300 people treated at local hospitals and up to 200 homes had totally ruined.

At Monday night, that the rescue workers were looking for those members of a family who were thought that there family members are missing. Some family members and neighbors are gathered around a pickup truck, where there are the bodies of a woman and two children were laying down in the truck. It is also covered with sheets. Some relatives reached down to tap the bodies, enclosed their eyes and wept.

A witness said that disaster Operations Center finding the missing people at night. He said that the search of people is not over; it means that more survivors are expected to be found in the flood waste.

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