ISIS Flag Found in Raids Carried Out After Brussels Attacks

After Brussels Attacks, A bomb making factory and chemicals for making explosive devices were also discovered

ISIS Flag Found in Raids Carried Out After Brussels Attacks

The Islamic State claimed responsibility of the Brussels attacks that were carried out in an airport and a subway. The death toll due to the attacks reached at least 38 people. American intelligence agencies have declared that the IS statement seems genuine.

Belgian police have also revealed that they have found ISIS flags along with explosive items during a raid. Islamic State’s statement which was posted by Amaq news agency revealed that members of the group had carried out the Brussels attacks with the help of explosive devices and suicide belts.

Counter-terrorism officials from America and some other countries told a popular news agency that there were more than two bombs involved in the airport bombing.

Belgian authorities have released a video which shows three suspects involved in the Brussels attacks. Two of the men in the photograph were dressed in black, had died in black when the bombs went off. The third one wearing a white jacket is believed to be at large. Police are looking for this man.

Only an hour after the Brussels attacks, the police carried out several raids in Brussels which result in discovering a bomb making factory. Several other items that are used in making bombs were also seized.

The prosecutor also released a statement in which it said that a Brussels raid in Schaerbeek had resulted in discovering a device for making bombs. Chemicals and nails to be used in the bomb as well as a flag of Islamic State was also discovered in the same Brussels raid. The Brussels attacks came only a day after the prime suspect of Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam was arrested in a Brussels raid.

American officials have also revealed that the Tuesday Brussels attacks were planned and executed by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants and sympathizers who belonged to the same network that carried out the deadly attacks in Paris in November last year.

However, Belgian officials have stated that they are still unable to find a link between the two attacks. French and Belgian officials believe that the Paris attacks were carried led by a Belgian jihadist Abdelhamid Abaaoud who died during the attacks. He had fought with the Islamic State in Syria and was killed during a raid in Paris.

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