ISIS Sex Slave Survivor Reveals the Brutal Face of the Group

Girls as young as nine are sold out and rented for sex.

ISIS sex slave survivor reveals the brutal face of the group

Nadia Murad, ISIS sex slave survivor still vividly remembers how her mother and six brothers were murdered by ISIS extremists.The ISIS sex slave survivor has called on the entire world to unite against the extremist group. Nadia Murad Basee Taha was taken into captivity in August 2014 when ISIS stormed the town of Sinjar in the north of Iraq.

She was one of thousands of Yazidi women who were taken captive by the group when it overran the town. Nadia was kept in a building located in the group’s stronghold of Mosul. There, she and other Yazidi women were severely tortured and repeatedly raped.

The ISIS sex slave survivor escaped the group after three months. She lives now in Germany where she has found work. Recently, she has told the UN about her ordeal.

This week, during a meeting with United Nations officials in central London, she pleaded humanity to become united in the face of ISIS threat.

‘It is a threat to all the communities in the region. I would like everyone to help, maybe just by speaking, to help the people affected by this war.” She said

Nadia further stated that more than a year had passed but there was no end to the suffering of the Yazidi women. They are dying everyday because the world has chosen to remain silent.
Nadia’s mother saw four of her sons being killed by the extremist before she was also put to death.

When Nadia was taken to Mosul and raped, she forgot about her mother and brothers because what the ISIS was doing to its captive women was much more difficult than dying. She also revealed that very young girls were being sold out and even rented for sex within the ISIS territory.

Nadia Murad belongs to the town of Sinjar which was the home of the Yazidi community. ISIS militants consider Yazidis as heretics. Women from the Yazidi community were taken from their homes and sold into slavery.

Nadia Murad was among at least 5000 women who were taken by ISIS. Out of those, more than 300 women and children are still held under the clutches of the extremist group.

Through tears, the ISIS sex slave survivor stated that she was not only talking on her own behalf, but also on the behalf of all the women and children who were unable to escape like her, and are still suffering at the hands of the extremist group.

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