Justin Bieber Performs ‘Love Yourself’ at the Grammys 2016

The Canadian singer Justin Bieber, proves yet again that he is the ultimate crowd puller.

Justin Bieber performs ‘Love Yourself’ at the Grammys 2016

Minutes after winning the first ever Grammy award 2016, Justin Bieber came to the stage in order to perform two of his hit songs ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Where Are You Now.’

There is little doubt that Justin Bieber is the king of pop music. The young star took the audience by a storm. Obviously, it was one of the best performances by the 21 year old artist – ever. Justin Bieber’s win at the Grammy must have pumped him up good that is why he became extremely excited smashing his guitar after offering performance for the song ‘Love Yourself.’


Justin Bieber was performing an acoustic version his song ‘Love Yourself’ during the show. Just as he was finishing the song and about the start ‘Where Are You Now’, he slammed down the guitar.

However, the musical instrument did not smash into thousands of pieces. The lights were also very dim which rendered the whole scene quite unclear to the audience. It was a great effort but the people were already immersed in the performance. Things, however, did get up a few notches, when the young star scampered towards the other side of the stage for a duet with Skrillex and Diplo. The whole scene was simply unbelievable.

There is little doubt that Justin Bieber is a great performer. It has been proved yet again at the Grammy award 2016. His Grammy nomination and subsequent win were also well deserved since he had put a lot of efforts in his new album ‘Purpose’. The album contains several hits.

The album became a game changer for the star. His performance during the Grammys proved beyond any doubt that he has the ability to whip up the crowd- and not just the young girls.

Bieber had released his first EP the late 2009. It immediately became a hit and later became certified platinum within the US. His first full length album was released in 2010. It also became a hit in America as well as many other countries.

The album was preceded by a hit single ‘Baby.’ Justin Bieber won his first ever Grammy after being nominated for the award three times in the past.

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