Justin Bieber exposes delicate figure in topless run

Justin Bieber’s current topless run makes it clear that the lover boy simply loves parading his dainty physique whenever he is able to find the opportunity of doing so.

Justin Bieber figure in topless run

Topless Run

As the young singer indulged in his favorite topless run, it became evident that he has become even lither. The sprint was carried out in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber topless

The young pop star seemed to be enjoying himself thoroughly as he dashed on a secluded dirt track. The spot was very beautiful and seemed perfect for a hurried gallop.

Miniature Roger Bannister

It is pertinent to mention here, of course with some regret, that the hunk resembled the miniature Roger Bannister while he pranced around wearing a patterned short and leggings.

The outfit was completed by Nike trainers. Recently, the teen favorite is seen running regularly in an apparent attempt to achieve a sexy he man physique.

Bieber topless running

Mini Muscle

Mr. Mini Muscle was unable to stop himself from exposing a bit of his biceps when he was invited at the Ellen DeGeneres in the begging to the current month. The audience barely stopped itself from breaking out in laughter though there were some mute chuckles.

What is more? The Canadian heartthrob was slammed by a prominent animal rights group for wearing a coat made of original fur.

Bieber was wearing this fur coat during an outing in L.A. The appearance immediately alarmed the animal rights group that started protesting.

Justin Bieber fur coat

An angry official of the group stated that Bieber acts like a child that is very much obsessed with itself. She further added that Justin did not have the faintest idea how his buying preferences were bringing infinite suffering to a whole lot of animals including baby monkeys, baby tigers and baby coyotes.

Hell Yeah

When Justin Bieber was asked whether he knew that his garment was made from real fur, the stubborn star proudly declared: “Hell yeah.”

Obviously, Justin Bieber remained unaffected by the plight of some nameless animals while enjoyed the fur coat he was wearing.

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