Divorce rumors plague Kate and William marriage

Divorce rumors between Prince William and Kate Middleton are swirling all over. Despite no kind of confirmation whether it is unfounded or something between the couple is really amiss.

Prince William and Kate Middleton divorce rumors

In this regard, the latest rumor is that the alleged divorce is already under process.

Divorce Rumors

No one knows the origin of these divorce rumors. It involves the royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The worst thing is that rather than decreasing or toning down, these rumors are getting more intense with each day. The same rumor was further aggravated when it became known that Kate Middleton had cancelled her appearance at an important event.

Already, speculations are underway that her decision not to attend the event may have something to do with the divorce rumors.

People have begun to wonder if the Duchess is happy with her marriage or if she is having trouble because of William.

The Hospice Gala Event

It was reported by a tabloid that Kate Middleton was supposed to make an appearance at the hospice gala event. She chose to cancel this appearance at the eleventh hour.

Her action strengthened the conviction of conspiracy theorists that she had done it on purpose because she was going through a divorce.

Kate Middleton is the Royal Patron of the charity but she wasn’t to be seen at the Gala dinner of the East Anglia’s Hospices Nook Appeal.

No Prince William

There was no prince William at the event either. If was revealed that he had attended the Tusk Trust Awards only a night before. It is notable that the prince had gone to the award alone, without his wife.

The Awards were attended by several celebrities from the Great Britain including Ed sheeran.

No Explanation

There was no explanation offered to the attendees of the Gala, why the Duchess had chosen to cancel her visit at the very last moment.

Immediately rumors began circulating that Kate was under pressure owing to her impending divorce. She did not find it to be appropriate to be at the gala at such a drastic time.

The Duchess, however, sent everyone a personal message thanking them for their support to the charity.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been subjected to divorce rumors from the day they married.

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