Fake news of children’s Organs harvested circulates on Social media

Thai people have again been accused of kidnapping children from Malaysia and having left them with their organs harvested.

children’s Organs harvested

These people were also blamed for putting these children into boxes. Allegedly, the children had been trafficked across the border with the help of smugglers. Heroin and meth had also been transported with these children.

Organs Harvested

The news circulated on the internet a few days ago which depicted 100s of children on the Thai Malaysian border with their organs harvested. The news blamed organized crime mafias who are involved in the illegal organ trade, of the crime.

News of children found with Organ harvested Rebuked

Were Children Actually Found?

The thing which made the news so alarming were a series of picture showing hundreds of children lying on the floor. The accompanying news would let the readers know that the government of Thailand had found a van which was carrying 100s of children from Malaysia.

These children had no vital organs inside their bodies. It was alleged that these organs has been sold in the black market. Instantly, there were claims that the pictures were fake.

Fake Pictures

Another group on the internet claimed that fake pictures has been posted in order to bear weight on the false news. Unfortunate, the pictures were not fake. They were real. But, they did not belong to Thailand or Malaysia. The children in the photos were Syrian and they had been gassed by Bashar Al Assad.

The first loophole in the story concerns the big van. In fact, what van is so big that it can contain 100s of children inside it?

The news claimed that the number of children in the van was around 700. But how big was the van. A normal van will not be able to carry even 100 children. How did it carry 700?

No International News

Another point to be noted is that such a big news never made it to CNN or BBC. This was international news of gigantic proportions yet not a single channel showed it.

The news only circulated on the internet, especially on social media websites. In order to spread more panic and fear, people were advised to keep looking after their children and not them alone under any circumstance.

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