Aleppo: The Last War On The Syrian Issue

Fighting has once again resumed in the Syrian city of Aleppo. The regime of Bashar Al Assad is saying that it is the last war they are waging against terrorist.

Aleppo war

The last war in Aleppo Syria

The battle for Aleppo is being described as the most devastating urban conflict in the world. Most of the world has been witnessing the systematic destruction of this ancient city but only a few know the fact that the battle of Aleppo can prove to be the last battle for the Syrian Issue.

Aleppo Syria: Children of War

The significance of Aleppo

Before the war, Aleppo was the second largest city of Syria as well as its economic hub. When the armed conflict began in Syria, rebel groups came to this city and took control of several districts.

The Syrian war

As the war progressed around the country, the regime tried many times to wrestle these districts back from the rebels but they did not succeed. Now, that the regime has taken control of Homs and Hama, they are concentrating in Aleppo because if they are able to drive the rebels out of this city, they will be able to secure the entire Northern flank of Syria.

The last war in Aleppo

Political Endgame

Everyone involved in the Syrian war is seeing the Aleppo battle as a political endgame. The most active rebel group in Aleppo is Jubhat al Nusra.

Conflict in Syria

Nusra and other rebels groups are fully aware that if they lose Aleppo, they will lose the uprising. This is because Aleppo is symbolically important to the idea of uprising. If this city falls to the regime, rebel groups in other parts of the country will also lose hope and lay down their weapons.

High Stakes

It is a fact that Aleppo victory will change the entire dynamics of the Syrian civil war. Until now, the regime and the rebels have not been able to overwhelm each other. The city presents high stakes for both the rebels and the regime.

Rebel groups are already in control of Idlib to the West. If rebels in Aleppo could link up with Idlib, they will be able to link up the entire West and squeeze Damascus and Latakia.

A regime success in Aleppo would mean that the rebels will not be able to supply weapons to the western part of the country. The regime will squeeze the rebels once it gets control of Aleppo.

Escalating Violence

Since, Aleppo is so vital to all the parties involved, there is going to be escalating violence in the city. Rebels groups are seeing it as a political opportunity. The recent actions carried out by Nusra have shown that the group is not only a fighting force. Rather, it has more politically motivated ambitions.

So far, no party has been able to deal a serious blow to the other. But it is a fact that Aleppo will prove to be the last war of the Syrian issue.

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