The Real Reason Behind Syrian Civil War

The Syrian civil war is in its fifth year. Around half a million people have lost their lives and millions more have been displaced within their own country, or have taken refuge in neighboring countries.

Syrian Civil War

Syrian Civil War:

Hundreds of thousands are trying to find their way to Europe through boats and by foot. The situation is catastrophic and the worst thing is that there is no end in sight to the plight of Syrian people.

The worst episode in the Syrian civil war occurred when Assad’s troops carried out chemical weapon attacks in Ghouta near the capital Damascus. The attack garnered immediate response from Western powers and strikes against Bashar Al Assad seemed imminent.

This was only one event in Syria. The civil war is regarded as one of the most brutal conflicts in modern history that has taken the characteristics of genocide and ethnic cleansing.


Bashar Al Assad and his regime are without doubt complacent in the war crimes that are being carried out in Syria on a daily basis. He has lost all legitimacy to rule his own country.

While blaming Assad fully for the woes of his country, people usually forget the fact that American agitation against Syria began quite a long time before the uprising began in Daraa. Syria was regarded as an Iranian satellite and America was bent on reducing Iran’s influence across the Middle East.

The Real Reason Behind Syrian Civil War

In 2007, the Bush administration authorized American intelligence agency to carry out operations against Iran, Syria and Iran’s Lebanese puppet Hezbollah.

At that time, the objective was to soften up Bashar Al Assad so that he would be more open towards negotiations with Israel. Likewise, Britain planned operation against Syria in 2009. In fact, a French minister went as far as saying that Britain was preparing armed factions to invade Syria.

The 2011 uprising that began in Daraa was triggered by shortages of energy and droughts. Another reason was the Arab spring that was in full swing within the region. The West took this opportunity to train opposition fighters in Syria so that they could bring the collapse of the regime.

This was only a part of the wider plan hatched after 9/11 to destroy seven countries in the region including Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan and Iran.

The plan was to destroy these countries and control their enormous energy resources. The Syrian civil war is only one of the arena where the West’s conspiracy for control of oil is being played out Western countries know that their industrial development will always be dependent on oil, and the bulk of this resource will always be produced by Middle East.

The shale revolution in America has failed miserably lending more credit to the importance of the Middle East in the world wide energy game.

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