700 Children Dead bodies found near Malaysia Thailand border

Child organ trafficking – The grueling images of children dead bodies went viral on the internet shocking people about the scale of atrocity.

 Children dead bodies

700 Dead bodies of children

Human trafficking in Malaysia – The images show 700 dead bodies of children. These children have been allegedly massacred by people who are involved in organ farming.

The bodies were found at the Thailand – Malaysia border. As soon as the pictures were posted on the internet there was an outcry about the incident. The images were shared by different users until they became viral.


The disturbing images have compelled many parents to become extremely cautious. There have also been warnings over the internet to the parents not to let their children stray out of their sights.

The criminal elements involved in this crime are still at large, and must be planning to apprehend more children for the same purpose.

Cut Marks

The pictures show cut marks over the bodies of the unfortunate children. Another grueling aspect of the pictures is that they show children lined up like animals.

Some of them are tied. Some are even packed into card board boxes. The pictures suggest that the crime has been carried out by a large gang.

The children must have been kidnapped first. Then, their organs were harvested. These stolen organs must have been sold in the black market.

700 children dead bodies

But, the images were shared on social media website by Goh Soo Heng. Goh has cautioned parents against leaving their young children unattended and alone.

Organ Trade

The illegal organ trade is an illicit business in human organs or tissues so that they could be transplanted. The trade is fueled by an increasing global need for healthy body parts for transplantation.

However, the demand for these organs far exceeds the supply which is why the trade brings in huge profits. In some parts of the country, compensation to an organ donor is legal.

In many jurisdictions, however, the trade in human organs is illegal giving way to widespread trafficking. A report has suggested that the poor people of the developing countries are the main targets of human organs transplant trade.

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