Bella Hadid featured in Love Video Advent Calendar 2016

By posing for Love Video Advent Calendar 2016, Bella Hadid reinforced the notion once again that she possesses immense star power. In fact, she was the first supermodel who posed for this year’s prestigious product.

Bella Hadid Love Video Advent Calendar 2016

Love Video Advent Calendar 2016

This is an iconic and much awaited Christmas countdown that will feature sizzling photos from the fashion elite of the world.

The 20 year old supermodel inaugurated the clip with a loud thud with a clip known as ‘Aerobic.’ The clip is directed by Rankin. Styling is done by Victoria Young and features several sportswear from yesteryears.

Bella Hadid Love Advent Video

The princess triumphant

Bella seemed like the princess triumphant when she made her way into the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show in the French capital on Wednesday.

The young model was oozing sex in the Love Video Advent Calendar clip which showed her in a series on compromising poses. This allowed the director to shoot some of the sexiest scenes ever filmed on video. This is the sixth year of the extremely famous calendar.

Call On Me

The sexy clip was filmed with the background song ‘Call On Me’ by Prydz. This was a major hit song of 2004 and has since become synonymous with exercise sessions. The music video of the song was highly seductive and caused many stirs when it was first released.

Bella is see all oiled up in a series of colorful bodysuits. She lifted weights, played with a huge exercise ball, and ate a banana in a very provocative manner. The oil was there in order to highlight the incredible curves of her taut body.

Love Christmas Video Advent 2016

Simply Sensational

The still photos pertaining to the shoot are simply sensational as we see Bella donning a skimpy leotard and a weight belt over her mid-section.

She is posing with parted legs, kneeling down to look directly into the camera. She is sporting a pair of boxer boot trainers with the socks pushed down to the ankles.

Another picture showed her lighting a cigarette as she looks down displaying the bold make up on her visage.

Bella Hadid is a favorite of Love magazine and has been featured in their calendar three times before.

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