7 Ways You Can Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Get Your Dream Job

More and more people are suing LinkedIn to get their dream job. Companies are eager to find new talents and the right fit to their organization, so they are hunting them directly on social media instead of waiting for them to apply for the job.

LinkedIn Dream Job


Even when you send your CV, the chances are that your recruiter will search for you on LinkedIn to get to know more about you. Having said that make sure that you make the most of this social media network as soon as possible by following the tips below:

# 1 – Make your profile shine

Before doing anything to bring more recruiters to your way, you should polish your profile first. And it means doing several things:

  • Uploading a professional picture that matches what is expected by your industry
  • Updating your work experience and other background information with relevant facts about your career
  • Asking for recommendations and endorsements to sound more reliable and authoritative
  • Creating an engaging and compelling summary that sells you to the recruiter as the best candidate
  • Crafting a great descriptive title able to summarize what you can offer and highlight your best skills
  • Add a portfolio, white papers, or any other visual resources that make sense and add value to your industry

# 2 – Follow your favorite companies

Now that you brush up your LinkedIn profile, it is time for searching. And the first thing that you will search is your favorite companies. Look for them and start following them so you can know more about them, who their chief executives are, and what they are up to at the moment.

Also, check if you know anyone on their staff (you never know) and if there are any tips about which type of professionals they usually contract. And keep one eye on their updates as many companies post about their job opportunities there.

# 3 – Build your network

Another search that you will do is for your long-lost friends and ex-colleagues. They might be working on key positions in an industry that can refer you to the one you want. For instance, someone might be working with an advertising company whose clients are among your favorite companies. Or they might be working for HR agencies.

Just make sure that you will get in touch with them through a warm message not just by the default LinkedIn invitation message. It will make you sound lazy and not give them much of a reason to get in touch with you – especially of they are highly busy people.

# 4 – Join groups on LinkedIn in your area of expertise

Another way to discover job opportunities and be discovered is by joining LinkedIn groups in your area of competence. In these groups, you will hear about the trends in your industry and also about who is leaving which company – so you will know that there is an opening somewhere.

Plus, recruiters go directly to these groups to hunt candidates, so make sure that you are present and sharing relevant information all the time. It will also help you to be referred by a member of the group for a job they might not be interested.

# 5 – Invest in a Job-Seeker subscription

LinkedIn is free for a large number of features, but there are advantages for those that go for their premium subscriptions. They have different packages depending on your goals, but, in your case, you will like to have a look at the Job-Seeker subscription.

It will give a Job-Seeker badge which will help you to signalize what to the recruiters that you are searching for opportunities; your listing will be twice more prominent on recruiters’ search results (above non-Premium members), you will get a gallery of images, a larger photo, and an expanded profile header; and you will get 10InMail credits to contact anyone on LinkedIn even those that you aren’t connected.

# 6 – Publish articles

Another thing that will add value to your profile is publishing articles on LinkedIn. It will give you extra space to show your expertise off in a way that you can’t do on your profile. The tool is very simple, but it is good enough for you to write whatever you want and share it later.

To make the most of it, pick topics that your recruiters might find relevant. Add some of your personality to it instead of only describing facts – your opinion and insights are what matters here. It can also be a great opportunity to say a bit about your background and work experience.

# 7 – Add it your resume

You had all the work to get it right, so don’t miss any opportunity to amplify the reach of your LinkedIn profile. Add it to your e-mail signature and, above all, to your resume. It will show to your recruiter that you are up-to-date with new technologies which are good even if your job has nothing to do with IT.

It should be at the right top of your resume, where your contact details are so not to look awkward. If you are unsure how to do it, look for a resume expert to help you but don’t waste the chance to add value to your CV with your LinkedIn profile.

The bottom line

A LinkedIn profile might be what you need so to land the job of your dreams. It will give you the opportunity to get in touch directly with your favorite companies, show off your skills and prove your talent.

All that you need to do is dedicate some time to brush up your profile, and then connecting with people that can help you to achieve your goal. And it will make all the difference as less and fewer jobs are advertised nowadays – most of the people get hired solely through networking.

So start working on your LinkedIn presence right now. And don’t be surprised if you receive a message offering that perfect job within only a few days.

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