PizzaGate scandal avoided news website

PizzaGate is the most important issue which is making rounds on the internet these days. It is also the one scandal that will have very deep ramifications for a lot of people including some big names in politics.

PizzaGate scandal


It will not be an exaggeration to say that PizzaGate will make or break the careers of some strongly anchored people in American politics.

It is a pedophilia ring that spanned for more than a decade and involved some of the most widely known personalities in America.
The scandal involves many elites who are involved in child sex trafficking.

Drudge Report

Matt Drudge of the Drudge report was the person who broke the story about PizzaGate.

It is very astonishing to know that since the story made it to the public, nothing about the scandal has appeared on the Drudge website. It is obvious that the Drudge report is avoiding the PizzaGate.

Tabloid section

The tabloid section of the Drudge report was the main feature of the website. In this section Matt Drudge used to write about the affairs plaguing the high society and powerful elites.

Matt would be delighted when he got his hands on something concerning big politicians. It is incomprehensible why Matt has chosen to avoid writing about Pizza Gate when it not only concerns a single president but rather a long list of high ranking officials and elites.

Once in a lifetime story

For an investigative journalist like Matt Drudge, PizzaGate is a once in a lifetime story that has the potential to do away with the entire system.

That is why drudge fans are curious why he is not talking about it despite the fact that this might be the very story he was waiting for all his life.

Drudge readers have made known their distaste for PizzaGate mission with the help of social media posts, however, there has been no positive reaction from the website as yet.

There are lots of evidence available regarding the PizzaGate scandal which means that the story is based on hard facts rather than hearsay.

Matt Drudge should realize this and start doing what his fans have been asking him to do: write about PizzaGate.

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