Rihanna New Video sees her in a Sheer Lace Dress

Rihanna new video ‘Needed Me’ is a particularly violent song which also shows the young singer killing a man in cold blood.

Rihanna’s New Video sees her in a Sheer Lace Dress

In the ’Needed Me’ video, the young singer is seen in a see-through sheer lace dress and a thong. The dress displays her flawless figure and leaves nothing to the imagination of the viewer.

The new video of the song is a bit violent as Rihanna is seen tracking down a guy whom she eventually kills inside a strip club.In the beginning of the new video, Rihanna is seen wearing a sheer lace dress that touches the floor.

The robe hides not a single aspect of her body. The singer is standing before a window with a silencer fitted gun in her hands. She is looking towards the skyline.

Besides the flimsy white underwear, the 28 year old is only wearing gold rings and a pearl choker. Another item that adorns her body is an African pendant.

Rihanna had teased her fans with some NSFW pics on her social media account before the video was released.

The caption with the videos read:


Later in the new video, the singer can be seen in a skimpy bodysuit. She teams up with a gang and rides on a motorcycle to reach the strip club where she heads towards the VIP room. There, she kills a man.
The video ends with some NSFW lyrics.

The video is directed by Harmony Korine who had previously written two movies besides directing a few music videos for The Black Keys and Sonic Youth.

Rihanna also shared a blurred picture on Instagram which is a close-up of her. She is also seen smoking a cigarette. The video of the song in which Riri wear the sheer lace dress is much more violent than her fans had anticipated.

When the video did finally drop at noon Eastern Time, it turned out to be far racier and more violent than even the photos suggested.

With the success of Anti, she has only to beat Mariah Carey in order to become the artist with the most week on Billboard Top 100. She has already beaten The Beatles this week.

Rihanna’s relatively swift ascension to the record can be chalked down to her guest vocals and collaborations with other artists, which contribute to her overall score.

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