Singer Prince Found Dead in Elevator

The music icon was being treated for severe flu and had been visiting the pharmacy near his house. Prince found dead in Elevator at around 10 am.

Singer Prince Found Dead in Elevator

Prince was very nervous and looked extremely frail last night as he visited the Walgreen’s pharmacy just before his death. The 57 year old superstar left the pharmacy at around 7 at night and headed towards his estate in Minnesota. This was his last day out.

Only days before, Prince had been taken to a hospital with a severe flu. He was found dead in an elevator at around 10 am. The cause of death is yet to be figured out.

Prince was considered an icon who became famous for his exciting performances and very sexual lyrics. He was born Prince Rogers Nelson in Minnesota in 1958. He learned to play the music on his own and wrote his very first song when he was only seven years old.

He became part of a funk group when he was a teenager. The band was forced to dissolve in ’79 after Prince’s album ‘Prince’ became a success. The album ‘Prince’ became a platinum number and the song ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ became immensely popular.

After the success of his first album, Prince released one album each year for the next three years all of which were very successful. His masterpiece and perhaps the greatest album ‘Purple Rain’ was released in 1984 and was widely acclaimed by the public as well as the critics. The album eventually became the soundtrack for a film by the same name.

Later, Prince released more than 20 albums but none of them could reach the level of success that he enjoyed during the 80s except for ‘Musicology’ released in 2004. His final albums, HITnRUN Phase One and Two, were released last year.

Besides becoming very successful financially, Prince also earned respect for his work from music critics. A very independent person from the beginning, Prince battled record companies so that he could have some control over his own work.

He changed his name to a symbol in 1993. This symbol, which could not be pronounced, was known as the love symbol.

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