Cindy Crawford Shines in Little Black Cut out Summer Dress

For decades, Cindy Crawford ruled the modeling world like a queen. And she looked all the more gorgeous in a black cut out summer dress which she wore during an Omega press event held in the Colombian capital on Wednesday.

Cindy Crawford Shines in Little Black Cut out Summer Dress

The former model also flashed a hint to her famous cleavage in the low cut summer dress. The 54 year old brunette was obviously in very good mood. She frequently flashed a smile while having an onstage conversation during the media event.

The black dress of the former model had a ‘V’ neckline with a white hem. The dress followed a cut out pattern. Her light wavy brunette hair was scattered over her shoulder. A dark red lipstick completed the look for her.

Cindy Crawford posted pictures from the event on her social media account. The snaps were captioned with the words: Omega press day.

After the event war over, Cindy went to a children’s hospital in the city where she handed out toys. She also shared a picture on social media. The caption of the picture read:

‘Can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than handing out toys to kids at the Central Military Hospital.’

She also added a heart.

Another picture posted on the social media website saw the former model as she posed in front of the President’s office the ‘Palacio de Narino.’ Two unsuspecting guards accompanied her as she posed for the shot.

The Hollywood actress went to the South American country after having spent the weekend with her hubby and their kids at the Coachella music festival.

Cindy Crawford is a model from US as well as an international celebrity. She has three decades of successful modeling career to her credit besides roles in movies as well as television. She was named the highest paid model in the world by Forbes magazine in 1995.

Cindy Crawford is also regarded as one of the five original ‘Supermodel.’ She is known all around the globe for the trademark mole that is found just over her lip. She has adorned the covers of hundreds of magazine throughout her modeling career.

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