Kelly Rowland exposed breast in black lace bra

Singer Kelly Rowland button down the front of her floral dress in order to reveal her assets

Kelly Rowland exposed breast in black lace bra

When you first laid eyes on her, you would think that she is going to the office in a business coat and a silk blouse. But it is obvious that Kelly Rowland, with hits like Bootylicious to her credit, will simply not dress down.

The former Destiny’s Child rendered her normal dress into a remarkable one with a simple and swift move. She let the coat open revealing breast in black lace bra.

Her prized assets became more visible because of she had unbuttoned the floral blouse. The breast in lacy black bra was fully exposed. Kelly Rowland also wore a diamond star necklace and did not seem to be concerned about the exposure. She gave a smile to the photographers as she walked past them outside the Sirius radio station in NYC.

Currently, Kelly Rowland is promoting her talent show in the chat rooms. The show is titled Chasing Destiny and it is going to air very soon in America on BET. Kelly Rowland is a Grammy award winner.

She is a singer, songwriter and a TV personality. She became famous during the 90s when she was a member of Destiny’s Child which was a major girl-groups of its time.

In 2002, Rowland released her debut album which sold millions of copies all around the globe. She also took acting assignments in TV sitcoms as well as feature films.

When Destiny’s Child was disbanded in 2005, Rowland released her second album which also featured two international hits. She served as a host on ‘The Fashion Show.’ She also appeared in ‘When Love Takes Over.’ It was a major success which also inspired her third album.

Kelly Rowland has been in the business for around 19 years. She has sold more than 27 million records. She is also the winner of several awards other than the Grammys.

In 2004, Rowlands started dating Roy Williams who was a football player. They became engaged but parted ways in 2005. She began dating her manager Tim Witherspoon in 2011. They married in 2014.

During a Panel talk on BET, she said that she was looking for girls who want to work and possess great ethics. She also stated that she missed the Destiny’s Child days.

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