Eric Ebron and Mia Khalifa in a row over UNC in championship game

Khalifa is a fan of Dukes and cannot hear anything about them. Eric Ebron, the Detroit Lions tight end, is a brilliant player and possibly one of the finest persons to have made his way to fame and fortune through the UNC football program.

Eric Ebron and Mia Khalifa in a row over UNC in championship game

Before becoming part of the NFL, he had played Tar Heels for 3 seasons. Obviously, he was very excited about UNC fighting Villanova in the National Championship.

Mia Khalifa, a famous adult film star, is a fan of Duke and FSU. Eric Ebron lately trolled Khalifa saying that she could join him at the game if she wanted to. Mia Khalifa, an ardent sports fan herself, shot back at Eric in the same tone. She wrote:

There were some indecencies but at the end Ebron stopped replying to her posts which was good because the showdown was unnecessary. Mia Khalifa is also known as Mia Callista. She is a Lebanese American adult film star.

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She was born in Lebanon’s largest city Beirut. Later, Khalifa and her family migrated to America in 2000. When she was a teenager, she went to Montgomery Country and succeeded in graduating from El Paso, Texas. Mia Khalifa has a degree in history. The adult star has revealed she belongs to a Catholic family, however, she also said that she does not practice the religion.

Mia Khalifa joined the porn industry in 2014. She was working at Whataburger chain when a person appeared before her and asked if she wanted to become a part of the porn industry.

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Last December it was revealed through pornhub that Mia Khalifa is one of the most famous adult film stars. However, she has always chosen to keep her profile reasonably low. In one of her recent movies, Mia Khalifa was also seen in a hijab. The star has constantly been receiving death threats because of the scene.

She stated in an interview with a newspaper that the hijab scene should not be made into a controversy since it was only her satirical choice at that moment.

The 22 year old Mia Khalifa is regarded as one of the most widely searched adult film stars on the web. She is a great fan of sports and regularly posts comments related to sports matters.

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