Models prepare for Victoria’s Secret Fashion show

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is famous for featuring some of the most beautiful and popular models. In less than a month, the latest episode of this grand event will be aired.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2016

Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2016

Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2016 is scheduled to be aired next month on December 05, 2016. This year, the event will take place in the French capital.

The show will feature some of the favorite models of the international audience including Lily Aldridge, Adriana and Alessandra Ambrosio. The models of the moment are Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Karlie Kloss.

 Victoria's Secret popular models

The Victoria’s Secret Angels

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are famously finicky about their diets and exercise routines but many high profile trainers have come forward and spoken about the rigorous effort required for attaining an angel body.

Victoria's Secret angels

The co founder of NYC studio Aerospace, Michael Olajide Jr has revealed the preparations that are undertaken before a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

He states that the girls would start their training sessions at least a month before the event. If they are chosen, they would continue to train with more intensity until the day of the event.

Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful is another favorite of the Angels. It is based in New York. The co founder of this establishment is the person who brought Natalie Portman into shape when she was cast in Black Swan.

Recently, she has been training Victoria’s Secret Angels. She carries out hard core training sessions which are focused on specific muscle groups of the body. Though, Ballet Beautiful carries out classes all round the year, their intensity and level increases as the show comes near.

Born Beautiful

These girls are born beautiful. The trainer of NYC Model Fit says that the angels are actually born with these qualities. He also revealed that the preparation for the show is going on all through the year, but the time before the actual event is very important.

These girls are not only beautiful, they are also lean and tall. He said that most of them are not skinny and it takes them years to get into the right shape.

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