Chloe Sims Nip-Slip at ITV Gala Episode

TOWIE girl Chloe Sims almost suffered a nip slip as she attended the ITV Gala in a racy outfit. The risqué dress left very little to the imagination of the viewer.

Chloe Sims Nip Slip ITV Gala

Nip Slip

Her killer body was on display for all the guests of the Gala. For a time it seemed as if she has the deepest cleavage in the entire industry.

Chloe Sims Nip Slip red dress

Her boobs were oozing out of the dress and for a moment it seemed that there is going to be a nip slip, when the young actress strutted on the red carpet.

Chloe Sims Nip Slip racy outfit

It was also noticeable that the fabric of the racy dress was only barely concealing her nipples. Fortunately for her, the imminent danger of nip slip was averted and she remained out of the list of celebrities whose nipples had been exposed in public view.

Turning Heads

Everybody was turning heads when they saw Chloe Sims arriving at the ITV Gala Thursday night.

While, the low cut red dress culminated in an eye popping display. Her full bust was eased into a sweet heart neckline as the sultry actress did her best Jessica Rabbit impression. This was not all that the reality TV star did to the guests at the Gala.

The red dress that she had chosen to wear featured a high split allowing her to expose everything from her head to her toe.

Chloe Sims Nip-Slip at ITV Gala

The pose – perfect woman made rotation so that the red shoes beneath the racy gown could also be revealed.

Enviable Proportions

But, Chloe accentuated her the enviable proportions of her killer body by pouting hands on the waist. Her waves were made in waves and seemed to benefit from her high length. The bright color and ambience also accentuated her hair.

Special guest of the evening

Chloe Sims was the special guest of the evening since she is one of the long serving stars on the ITVB, ‘The Only Way Is Essex.’

TOWIE stars Danielle Armstrong, Chloe Lewis and Kate Wright were seen beside her.

However, Chloe has revealed that she is single and does not have a man in her life who will distract her from her career.

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