ISIS planning Paris attacks Disneyland and Christmas market

Reports have come to light that extremist group ISIS planning Paris attacks. These attacks were scheduled for December 1.

ISIS planning Paris attacks

The targets sites has been selected after the group carried out research of several sites including Disneyland and Christmas markets. Disneyland is situated outside the French capital.

ISIS Planning Paris Attacks

Police sources have revealed that ISIS planning Paris attacks at the beginning of the next month. The group is supposed to have visited many sites that could serve as potential targets for the attacks.

ISIS planning attack Paris

Suspects Arrested

At least seven people were arrested on suspicion of belonging to the group. These arrests were carried out last weekend by the police in Strasbourg and Marseille.

The apprehension came after an 8 month long investigation by security services. Two of the suspected terrorist were later released by the authorities.

Internet Searches

Police sources revealed that it came to the knowledge of the investigators that the suspected militants had searched many sites on the internet in order to select a soft and easy target.

These sites included the landmark Champs-Elysees avenue, Disneyland, the Christmas market and the cafe terraces. A metro station and the headquarters of Paris police had also been researched for the purpose.

The custody of five of the arrested suspects had been extended. This extension was allowed under a legislation that covers imminent terror attacks.

Syria Connection

A few members of the group are believed to be taking orders from Syria. It has been reported that one of the arrested suspects told investigators that attacks had already been planned.

He said that the target was the police headquarters in Paris. He also named the domestic security department as a potential target.

The police headquarters are situated in central Paris whereas the domestic security department in located in the northwest of the capital.

During the raids a small cache of weapons was also recovered by the police along with propaganda material.

After last year’s Paris attacks, France is currently under a state of emergency which has allowed security forces to exercise more powers. There have been three attacks in Paris since the beginning of 2015.

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