Kathy Griffin feud over Trump beheading photo

Kathy Griffin in a new row with lawyer Lisa Bloom, a person who is supposed to be her closest friend and ally

Kathy Griffin feud over Trump beheading photo

The star called Lisa Bloom and received immediate response from the civil rights attorney.

Helping celebrities

Lisa Bloom is widely known to help famous celebrities in legal matters. She is currently representing Blac Chyna with her suit against the famous Kardashian family.

Previously, she had helped Kathy Griffin during her scandal that involved the star in a picture with the face head of the incumbent US president Donald Trump.

Press Conference

Lisa Bloom and Kathy Griffin were seen in a press conference together. Griffin was supposed to explain her position and talk about the disproportional backlash shown by the president’s family as well as the general public.

Lisa Bloom took the point that Kathy Griffin was singled out by the Trump family while they did not lift a finger at other male actors and artists.

The fall out

The fall out between the two seem to have been started just then. Griffin took to her social media account, berated Bloom, and demanded that her money for legal services be returned to her.

She wrote:

Dear @LisaBloom pls stop calling me. If you’d like to refund me the tens of thousands of $$ I wasted on your services maybe I’ll talk to you.”

Right after, Lisa Bloom posted a lengthy reply on her own social media account and explained what had gone wrong during the press conference. However, she did not berate Griffin.

Mask Photo

Bloom stated that Kathy Griffin had contacted her after the Trump mask photo was posted. They had a joint press a few days later. The statement to be presented during the conference was already approved by Griffin’s team of lawyers.

However, as soon as the press conference started, Griffin put aside the notes and then started grabbing. Bloom said that it was unfortunate that Griffin chose not to consult the notes, however, it was her right to speak as she pleased. It is unfair that Griffin is now blaming her for the mishap which was entirely of her own making.

Bloom further added that Griffin is the only client who chose to discard the notes that have been painstakingly prepared for the press conference. Kathy Griffin has still not responded to the comment.

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