US Declares War With North Korea

Donald Trump says US at war with North Korea and fully prepared for it.

US declares War with North Korea

Prepared for war

The United States is totally prepared for war with North Korea. This was declared by the president of America, Donald Trump. The incumbent president also emphasized that his county has an exceptional relationship with China and its leader.

The stark declaration came in the wake of the recent threats from Pyongyang. The president further stated that America is so much prepared that it would astonish the North Koreans.

These statements were given during a program on Fox News. The program featured the soaring tensions with North Korea over the latter’s nuclear program.

Verbal tit-for-tat

Trump, who has been recently engaged in a verbal tit-for-tat with the North Korean leader, declared that Kim Jong will be ‘shocked’ to see the level of US preparedness.

The president seemed in no mood to give in to the threats issued by North Korean leader. However, Donald Trump did not seem to know if an actual war was about to happen with the hermit kingdom.

International Ire

North Korea has been the target of international ire during the past few months as it conducted 6 nuclear tests as well as long-range missiles. These missile have the capability of hitting the US.

When asked about his views regarding China which is a very strong ally of North Korea, Donald Trump replied that Beijing was in the process of helping America as it sought to apply sanctions.

Trump elaborated that America and China had a very exceptional relationship. China was on the side of the US. The president further stated that China’s president Xi could offer significant help in containing North Korea.

Jimmy Carter offers help

In another development, the former president of the US Jimmy Carter told a newspaper that he is willing to travel to North Korea as a representative of the White House. He said he will try to diffuse the tensions between the two countries.

Jimmy carter has made known his willingness to the National Security Advisor.

Meanwhile, the Defense Secretary of the US, Jim Mattis stated that he is in talks with allies in Asia about the crisis triggered by North Korea’s blatant actions and provocations.

He will be visiting the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea. Donald Trump is also scheduled to visit Asia soon.

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