Who Leaked Oliver’s Photo In Arrow?

The recent episode of ‘Arrow’ offered a rather unexpected twist, however, there may have been other things that may warrant the attention of the viewers.

Who leaked Oliver’s Photo in Arrow?

The recent episode

The show took a start when Oliver Queen was unveiled as the ‘Green Arrow.’ The team tries its best to cover up the picture.

Meanwhile, Curtis Holt and Felicity sought to find out the source of the photograph.  The came to know that the picture was directly leaked to the new channel but it was actually a fake. It is still a very big mystery about who faked the photograph and achieve what purpose.

Anatoly is already off the list of suspects because he has already told Oliver that he didn’t do it. Prometheus can also be ruled out because he has been dead since season 5.

This does not mean that there are no more people who are not wanting to reveal the identity of Oliver. There are several theories regarding this.

The new villain

Of course Prometheus is no more in the show. But there is another villain out there: Vigilante. He is a rather new kind of mystery for the fans of ‘Arrow.’

At first, it was thought that the man behind the mask was Adrian Chase but his true identity still baffles many. It is also being speculated that he is a personal enemy of one of the members of the ‘Arrow’ team.

It seems rather difficult to assume that Vigilante will be interested in unmasking Oliver while he too remained hidden behind a mask.

The Next villain

Another villain is soon to enter the show. This character will be played by Michael Emerson who became famous with the hit TV show ‘Lost.’ The name of his character has still not been revealed but it is known that he will have a very strong character.

Apparently, Emerson will be playing a role which will be more nuanced that the typical roles he is usually cast in.

The mystery surrounding his character has made it difficult to viewers to come to a conclusion why Emerson’s – yet to be revealed – character will seek to unmask Oliver.

Helix and Ricardo Diaz are two more characters on whom the suspicion may fall, however, these are only theories and there is definitely a big surprise for fans in the coming episodes of the show. Embrace yourself for the Arrow recap.

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