North Korea Warns US Of Grave Mistake

Officials from North Korea dispatched a letter to the Australian parliament in which North Korea warns trump of nuclear attack.

North Korea Warns US Of Grave Mistake

North Korean letter

The letter was sent to Australian addressing the members of parliament. It contained a warning that Pyongyang will not cower in the face of threats issued by Donald Trump.

The letter further said that if the US president thought he could bring the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to its knees through these meaningless threats, he was mistaken. North Korea is a nuclear power and will not be intimidated by US.

Ignorant and miscalculated

North Korea has further elaborated in the same letter that US threats show the ignorance of the current administration. Parts of the letter were published recently by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The title of the letter is ‘Open Letter to Parliaments of Different Countries.’ The same was drafted by the Foreign Affairs Committee of North Korea. The letter was dispatched to the embassy in Indonesia before it made its way to Australia.

International Peace and Justice

North Korea is currently engaging legislative from many countries thought the letter in order to compel them to stand up and realize their duty towards the mankind as it strives for international peace and justice. It also calls to be vigilant against the aggressive and ignorant moves of the current US administration if they want peace for all.

Unusual communication

The foreign minister of Australia Julie Bishop has stated that the letter was a very unusual form of communication between countries.

She further commented that global messages are seldom published in this manner. In her opinion, the collective measures of imposing economic and diplomatic pressure was working. In her opinion, the letter from North Korea was a result of that pressure.

The letter has arrived in the wake of the heightened tensions between the US and North Korea.

Only last month, Donald Trump took North Korea to talks in the United Nations targeting the latter’s continued ballistic missile tests.

He also issues a warning that he would destroy the entire country. The foreign minister of North Korea had responded in kind saying that his country will drop a Hydrogen bomb into the Pacific.

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