The Walking Dead Season 7 Opens

After the extremely polarizing finale of the season 6, the highly popular zombie drama did away with two regulars in the season 7 premiere. The Walking dead season 7 premiere was a very violent two punch that gave a jolt to the fans – in the stomach.

The Walking Dead Season 7

The season 6 finale

The season 6 finale of the Walking Dead–the zombie drama-was rather polarizing. Months after it was aired, two series regulars were done away with during the episode.

Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford exited the popular series. Glenn Rhee was one of the original stars of the show while Abraham Ford was a fan favorite.

However, in analysis carried out by the after season 6 finale, both characters had emerged as the most likely ones to die.

Fans had been anticipating it for a long time. In fact, one of the reasons was that Yeun had only one year contract for the duration of the season 6.

Where Glenn’s death was also anticipated since it confirmed to the events of the 100th issue of the comics on which the TV series is based.

The Walking Dead – typical approach

The approach of the walking dead is a kind of remix that uses the source.

It was observed in season 6 that Glenn was a morally clean person, who had qualms about killing another human being. He never flinched at killing walkers anyway.

During the last season, when faced with the saviors of Negan, Glenn finally killed when the compound was attacked by Rick and his group.

The Walking Dead Season 7

Glenn’s life came to end in the season 7 opening. He was made to pay the price for his actions when Negan took his life in order to make a point to Daryl.

The AMC series had been repeatedly hunting that Glenn will die in the season 7 of the Walking Dead.

After the departure of these two characters, there are nine survivors who are supposed to help Negan reach the safe zone in Alexandria.

Negan wants to take half their supplies to the safe zone. There are 21 series regulars in the season 7 of the Walking dead.

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