The Future of Russia and Iran relationship

Russia and Iran are very firmly allied with each other at the moment. In fact, the relationship has crossed the threshold of strategic partnership that was once viewed as cordial relationship.

Russia and Iran relationship

Russia and Iran

However, very few people know that apart from cooperation in the field of military operations, Russia and Iran relations are rather ambiguous and tense. There is a prospect of future rivalry between Iran and Russia which might turn into reproachment some time in the future.

Middle East

In fact, Russia and Iran are both active in the Middle East. Russia entered the fray in Syria in September 2013. Russia wanted to take the advantage of the vacuum created in the Middle East as a result of the Arab Spring.

However, Russia knew that it would allow her not only to project power in the Middle East, but also catapult it to the international arena where it can also become a mighty super power that it once was.

The new found power position that Russia, enjoys after carrying out operations in Syria, has allowed it to have a better bargaining position with the West.

Russia is currently under sanctions with regard to its aggression in Crimea and subsequent t annexation of the area.

Russia also want to get a permanent anchor in the Middle East from where it can carry out its trade activities which will support the economy of the country which is reeling under low oil prices.

Former Greatness

Another important reason why Russia got involved in the Middle East and Syria, is that it wants its own people to believe that Russia has become a super power once again.

The Anti Islamic State Alliance

Russia formed an Anti Islamic State alliance with Iran and Syria in 2015. Iran is represented in Syria through its own soldiers who number in thousands.

There is also Hezbollah which is regarded as an Iranian proxy. But, if we look at the economic relationship between Iran and Russia, we will come to understand that the trade partnership between the two countries is minimal.

Russia and Iran are both oil producers which make them rivals in the energy market.

The Caspian Sea Resources are still a bone of contention between Russia and Iran. It has still been unresolved.

These facts state that some time in the future, and not very far, there may come a divergence in the interests of both countries. This will most probably happen after the war in Middle East and Syria has come to an end.

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