Tour Bus Crash in California claims 13 lives

A tour bus crashed into a tractor trailer on a highway in Southern California killing 13 people. The number of injured is 31. The tour bus crash accident occurred early morning on Sunday.

Tour Bus Crash

Tour bus crash

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) official revealed that the tour bus was travelling on Interstate 10 at the time of the crash which happened near Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is located around 100 miles to the east of L.A. The same official stated that the speed of the tour bus was very fast. The trailer of the truck jammed about 15 feet inside the bus after the impact.

The driver of the bus was among the dead. However, the injured persons had major as well as minor injuries. Some of them had been seriously hurt.

A very serious bus crash accident

The CHP official made it known to the reporters that the tour bus crash has a very serious accident in the last 30 years. There have been 13 deaths which is a devastating number. The official also stated that the situation was a tough one for everyone.

The bus had gone through a complete inspection in April. There had been no indications that a mechanical failure of serious nature was possible.

Survivors of the tour bus crash later told the reporters that most of the passengers were asleep when the crash occurred.

Pictures taken on the scene depicted the front side of the tour bus wedged into the trailer’s back. Emergency workers had to make use of ladders so that they could reach inside the tour bus.

Injured treated at hospitals

The injured in the accident were treated at hospitals. All the lanes that are westbound have been closed around the crash site. The lanes will hopefully reopen around 4 p.m.

The CHP has stated that the tour bus may have been taking casino goers to L.A. from the Red Earth. They must have had indulged in a night of gambling.

The bus company –USA Holiday Bus–was not immediately available for comment. One of the local newspapers reported that the driver of the bus was also one of the owners of the company.

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