7 Must-Have, Life Changing Products for the 2020s!

Life Changing Products 2020s

“Life Changing” is not a term to be thrown around loosely. That said, if a product makes your day-to-day life simpler or creates efficiency or comfort in your busy world, it fits the bill, doesn’t it? Thanks to 2020s technology, many items that would have once seemed like futuristic dreams are now here and ready to help you. Let’s look at 7 that you can’t afford to live without!

Life Changing Products for the 2020s

Comfortable Underwear 

Don’t laugh. If your underwear isn’t so comfortable that you don’t have to think about it, it’s a problem. Luckily this is a golden age for underwear and support garments. What was once a taboo and closed-door subject is now fair game for recommendations like Modibodi and Ruby Love even in the most polite of companies. Don’t skimp on your bottom layer!

A Docking Station

You probably have at least one, if not two or three devices that you want to keep at arm’s length on your night stand while you sleep. They need to be charged, and even as wireless charging technology continues to advance, keeping them organized, in one place, and untangled is a challenge. A docking station can allow you to put them in the same place night after night in a sleek, organized way without the wires exposed. It’s also great for your office desk at work!

A Voice Assistant

Take a second to think about the fact that you can ask your smartphone almost any question and get an answer within a few seconds. That sentence wouldn’t have made any sense 20 years ago! Now, we can take that concept even farther, with stand-alone, voice activated assistant systems like the Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod, running off their Alexa and Siri systems, respectively. Not only can they help you access your streaming subscription services, they can also become a home automation platform, controlling everything from your lights to your thermostat.

A Standing Desk

Most American employees who work in offices spend an astronomical amount of time sitting at their desks. This forces them to be sedentary, making them more susceptible to weight gain and low energy. It also affects everything from their posture to eyesight. The simple act of standing up at your desk, however, can make a huge difference in this department. There are many standing desk products available, ranging from adjustable models to stationary stands. They may take some getting used to, but you will find yourself with more energy and less joint pain over time if you use one, especially in conjunction with a mat that takes pressure off your feet.

A White Noise Machine or App

No matter where you live, you’re probably bombarded with noise. It could be traffic, industrial sounds, or your neighbor’s pets, children, or music. White noise can help drown those aural distractors out. In fact, it’s still a useful stress-relief tool even if you live in a noise pollution free utopia. There are plenty of products on the market that can supply you with the soothing sounds of a light rainfall, ocean waves, or campfire. You can also use your smartphone to transmit them if you like!

A Portable Garment Steamer

This may seem specific to people who wear dress clothes to work or live out of a suitcase, but sooner or later, the speed, convenience, and portability of a garment steamer can come in handy for nearly anyone. Need to remove a wrinkle quickly before church? Add a little water and make it happen. Need to get rid of a potential stain before it sets in deep? Steam away? For the low price associated, a portable garment steamer is a very worthwhile investment.

A Set of Bluetooth Trackers

Given how prone we are to misplacing keys, remotes, and wallets, it’s amazing that every living adult hasn’t sprung for tiny Bluetooth trackers that can help you locate these essential items through your smartphone when they’re lost. If you didn’t know this was an option, investigate it right away. If you did, what are you waiting for? For much less than the price of a fancy meal at a restaurant, you can get the peace of mind they provide.

We live in a busy world. Convenience and efficiency help make it more manageable. Don’t make things any harder than they must be and pick up these products right away!

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