Lindsay Lohan sheer dress results in a drastic exposure

The Freaky Friday actress did not even seem to notice the wardrobe malfunction. Lindsay Lohan may have several other things on her mind at that time. That is why she simply failed to notice that her boobs had almost been bared through the halter top on July 30, Saturday.

Lindsay Lohan sheer dress results in a drastic exposure

Lindsay was wearing the ill fitting dress as she spent time with a friend in Sardinia. The star of ‘Mean Girls’ was clad in a black halter black bikini top.

However, the incident which was more important than her dark ill fitting bikini was that the actress had taken of her engagement ring and transferred it to her right hand. The emerald ring was given to her by her estranged beau EgorTarabasov.

Lindsay Lohan sheer dress was seen when she went to the Mediterranean after there was an incident concerning the businessman from Russia.

The seriousness of this incident could be gauged by the fact that Lindsay Lohan was seen standing in the balcony of her apartment. She was claiming that she had been strangled.

Lindsay Lohan has been in trouble several times during the past few years. She has also been to the rehab many times. Recently, she claimed that she was pregnant yet she was spotted partying with her friends in Italy where she was smoking as well as drinking.

Her best friend Hofit Golan who is also a socialite was vacationing with Lohan. She told a news website on Friday that the former film actress was not pregnant. Golan further said that her friend had been doing massage, acupuncture and stretches.

Besides, she is also drinking a lot of green juices. They are fishing and swimming too. In fact, there is nothing to suggest that Lohan’s claim has any weight.

In the end, Golan said that she knows Lohan for a long time. She is also very close to him and she cannot comprehend why other people are confirming this lie. Lohan’s pregnancy was also confirmed by her father Michael.

The 56 year old told the news website that her daughter told him that she was pregnant and there was no reason why he shouldn’t believe her.

As Lindsay Lohan sheer dress was spotted as she was having fun with her friends and getting her a tan in the sun, the Russian business was seen moving his things out of the London apartment during the earlier days of the week.

However, Golan has told the magazine that things may not have come to an end between him and Lindsay Lohan after all.

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