Top 6 Low Maintenance Healthy Plants to Grow at Home

Low Maintenance Plants to Grow at Home

Adding green plants and natural beauties to your house is an amazing step towards a healthy lifestyle. We understand that people don’t have much time to look after the plants or to take care of them. But what if we tell you that there are many plants that have great powers and will stay alive with very less care and maintenance. Add a touch of green to your home decor and fill in your house with fresh air by incorporating these low-maintenance air purifying plants that we have mentioned below.

Low Maintenance Healthy Plants to Grow at Home

Money Plant

One of the most popular Indian plants that you will find in most of the houses. The plant is known to attract money and bring in positive energies. The plant can easily grow both in water and soil. The air quality index is guaranteed to improve with this plant in house and the beautiful leaves of the plant will add charm to the home decor as well.

Snake Plant

Also called “mother-in-law’s tongue”, this fancy plant likewise acts as a phenomenal air purifier. A simple to grow indoor plant that flourishes in low light, it removes poisons and harmful toxins from the air and converts over carbon dioxide into oxygen. Place it on your center table or nearby your bed in living rooms.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

This amazing Feng Shui recommended plant can be easily found in Indian homes. Obviously kept near a window for sufficient daylight, the lucky bamboo plant can be developed in both clear water (which should be changed twice a week) and in soil. With some effective pruning, this plant can likewise be developed in amazing structures for decorative purposes.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is a magical low-maintenance succulent which takes care of your health, beauty, and home decor all at once.

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Known broadly for its different uses, the plant is likewise called “the miracle plant”. This beautiful and charming plant should be kept close to a radiant window where it can get enough light. All other uses of this awesome plant will be witnessed by you.

Peace Lily Plant

Aside from being so damn beautiful, peace lilies improve indoor air quality. These plants expect practically zero daylight and are anything but difficult to develop. Adjusted to low degrees of watering, the hooded blossoms are very striking and wonderful, making this plant one of the best flowering plants.

Areca Palm

With lavish green, excellent fronds, Areca Palms make a striking addition to indoors. These plants need indirect daylight, so you can place them near the west or south facing window. With normal watering and changing the pot if required, areca palms can develop upto seven feet in height and will add charm to your house.

So, these were the different indoor plants that you can include to level up your home decor and to purify the air as well. Turn your house into an oxygen villa by bringing in these plants right away from your local nursery or an online nursery. Happy planting!

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