Is The Malaysian Education System Influenced By Rempitism?

An education and economic system that is rempitised rams the citizens into various pits of the capitalist production system’s conveyer belt. It generates something similar to the natural progression of meritocracy in the evolution of society and education. The very foundation of Rempitism is neocolonialism, alienation of the labours and structural violence. The Malaysian schools are threatened.

The Malaysian happening of the youths racing in illegal manner on the public roads on customized motorbikes after midnight which rob the peaceful sleep of the citizens is a phenomenon similar to the capitalist economy of a battling showcasing Third World nation that hypermodernizes further on the people’s capability to cope with the sensationalized representation of the economic miracles. The phenomena threaten their peaceful, sustainable and moral future. Both present danger on the highway of development.

Schooling is supposed to teach the students to become good and law-abiding workers in a particular economic system that lowers the larger population into labour while augmenting the upper class into people and property-owners in an economy that is rempitised.

Is There Something Lacking In The Teachers?



Teachers lack the needed skills and concepts required for dealing with the millennial and the rempitised children having low skills of writing, reading and computing. The kids who will be left behind may end up in rempits and the alienated ones can further to the city and estate slums. Both can be ruinous to the process of the classroom and may convert their social anger into counter-productive and cataclysmic activities. They are the ones who may become criminals due to a careless education system that is enough to criminalise the human mind through the placement of unmotivated, unprepared, unimaginative, and uncreative teachers for the development of unexploited geniuses in the classrooms.

Criminals are not born, they are made. Every child is a unique gift. The way of designing the equitability system, justice and peace in the schooling dictate the nature of the social conveyer belt.

What should be the rehabilitative measures to reconfigure the mind of the rempitised youth?

The highway police force should be awakened for stopping the illegal drag racing, capture the mat rempit, and send them to rehabilitation in the rempit camps for six months near Perlis that is guarded by graduates of the National Service.

Safe motorcross clearing spots should be made so that the rempits can drag race in these particular areas happily until they become bone-tired. In the meantime, these youths should be given safe motorcycle education in order to make them understand about riding safely and not put others’ lives into danger.

The National Civics Bureau can write modules for making the good indoctrination programs get used on the rempitised youth.

The peace-loving citizens who are affected by the rempits’ activities will positively admire the radical program that can reconfigure the rempitised youths’ minds.

De-rempitising the schools:

Malaysia has educational experts, ministers, educational representatives, specialists, etc. who have little or no classroom experience. It will be really helpful if each one possesses the crucial knowledge in the field of education concerning history, theory, possibilities and post structurality.

There is a need for English language that is the lingua franca as the central medium of instruction for getting success in the globalizing world.

The concern is more on having the teachers and students vow blind loyalty to the signs and symbols of power, thinking that is one-dimensional, and politically correct behaviour in the place of developing, acknowledging and grooming teachers who can radicalise the minds 0of tomorrow’s youth.

The university students are forced to ceremoniously recite the loyalty pledges. The students are touched by failure concerning citizenship skills. Good political culture hasn’t been shown to them that tributes the separation of powers and put the particular constitution as the ultimate supreme law of the land.

The minds are getting trained to be ludicrously obedient against the aura of the hypermodernized speeding up the economy that has been rempitised in the name of the rebranded new economic policy. A good government is required from the police to teachers to the education officials. No comprehensive answer is there as it urges for several systems and program working.

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