Miami Bikini Model Arrested on Fraud Charges

Miami bikini model Patricia Perez-Gonzalez allegedly stole identities of people and spent the money on their lavish lifestyles

Bikini Model Arrested on Fraud Charges

The 26 year old Patricia Perez-Gonzalez and her boyfriend 31 year old Alberto Companioni and their other accomplices are believed to have been involved in stealing identities of other people with the help of American Express cards. Bikini model has been arrested and charged with credit card fraud of 1.4 million Pounds. The group mostly targeted senior citizens.

Miami bikini model Perez-Gonzalez and her accomplices would use the cash stolen with the help of these credit cards to finance their own trips, luxury cars and shopping at very expensive stores. The news has been broken by the District Attorney’s office of Manhattan.

These cards that were obtained through fraud were later posted to home that were vacant all over America. The group will then pick these cards up. Within two years.

Perez-Gonzalez lived with Companioni in Miami. They are believed to have travelled to New York, Hawaii, California and other places where they spent a lavish time eating at very expensive restaurants and purchased goods from Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Apple store.

The bikini model who has posted quite a lot of racy shots on social media is also charged with selling goods through an online shop which is names ‘Le Fashion Wheels.’

The investigators who are working on the case have found several stolen items like skiing equipment, handbags and bikes. A Rolex watch has also been unearthed. Moreover, fraudulent papers like IDs, credit card reports and a card encoder were also found.

The duo has been charged with larceny and theft of identity with a bail set for 500,000 Pounds. It is still unknown how many accomplices were charged with them.

The bikini model also allegedly posted many selfies on her social media account in which she is seen spending time at expensive restaurants and other luxurious places in NYC.

The District attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr. stated to a newspaper that the charged model and her boyfriend would spend lavishly and enjoy the hard-earned money of their victims in whose names they had opened credit cards resulting in monetary loss as well as psychological pain to them.

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