‘Mini Kim Kardashian’ Kimberly Tripp found dead

The entertainer was known to have performed all the monumental events that had occurred in Kim Kardashian’s life

‘Mini Kim Kardashian’ Kimberly Tripp found dead

Kimberly Tripp, a performer from Las Vegas was found dead outside her house late on Sunday. Her death was confirmed by a representative of the Beacher’s Madhouse.

Tripp was also known as ‘Mini Kim Kardashian.’ The thirty two year old entertainer performed for the crowds at the Hollywood Roosevelt in L.A, and the Beacher’s Madhouse at the MGM in Las Vegas.

Tripp’s boyfriend, Ricky Sells Jr. found her body. Sells was also a performer who entertained crowds alongside her at the shows. Sells was also known by the name of ‘Mini Kanye West.’ The authorities have still been unable to ascertain the cause of the performer’s death.

Jeff Beacher, the founder of the performance theatre told a weekly that it was a sad day because the Beacher’s Madhouse family had lost an original member of the group. Tripp was also one of the founding members of Beacher’s Madhouse. He further stated that:

“She was our shining star. My prayers and love go out to our team and her family. She will be loved and missed by all.”

TMZ has reported that Kimberly Tripp seemed perfectly normal and in good health until Saturday when Bleacher last saw her. When Kim Kardashian became a mother in real life, Tripp also pretended to give birth to a daughter, her first child.

She was named North West. Mini Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend had also carried out a fake wedding when the reality TV star had gotten married to Kanye West.

When Kim Kardashian learned about the sad demise, she shared the following words on her social media account on March 21:

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Kim Tripp’s friends and family! Rest in peace beautiful soul.”

While the cause of death Tripp’s death is still unclear, the circumstances of the incident are also quite odd. Mini Kim Kardashian had creaked all the important moments that had occurred in the life of the famous reality TV star.

She had also known a number of renowned celebrities including David Beckham, Fergie, Sandra Bullock and Miley Cyrus.

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