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Are you cerebration to change from OE to outlook? OE creates DBX folders to fund emails. But you can’t unseal a DBX file in the outlook computer. You bed two options, either import the emails from DBX to PST manually or goods DBX to PST format via a DBX exporter tool. In this article, we’ll cover OE vs outlook. Also, we’ll see how to change from OE to outlook.

Quick DBX to PST Converter

OE vs outlook

The two most touristy email clients provided by Microsoft are OE and Microsoft outlook. Though both are email clients, they hump different features and functions. OE is an old email client, now discontinued by Microsoft. But several lodging users and old organizations are comfortable using it. Microsoft outlook is a common email computer among desktop users all around the concern. OE comes with Internet Someone versions 3.0 through 6.0. outlook consumer is a break of the well-known Microsoft Express suite. Also, it comes as a separate application.

The outstanding disagreement between these email clients is the email file old by them. OE creates a DBX folder on your group to keep email messages. You may acquire multiplex DBX folders, much as Inbox.dbx, Conveyed Items.dbx, Drafts.dbx, and Deleted Items.dbx. Now if we tell active the Microsoft Outlook client, it stores the uncastrated mailbox volume in an outlook data file, called PST aka Personalised Hardware Table.

Sometimes situations mayhap when OE users beggary to change email messages from OE to outlook client. If you’re shifting from OE to outlook, you’ll definitely penury to fulfill DBX to PST Converter.

How to export DBX to PST?

There is two shipway by which you can import DBX to PST: practice and adult. If you’re hunting for an escaped answer, you must try the recitation fob. Tho’ the manual twist doesn’t import DBX to PST separate, it can forbear you export email messages from OE to outlook. Neither you can export email messages flat from OE to outlook, added email client provided by Microsoft, makes this chore relaxed and unforced for you. How?

Grownup Solution for DBX to PST Migration

The above DIY tricks can meliorate you export the email messages from OE to outlook. But if you penury to outlander deep enumerates of email messages, a lot of instances and labor is mainly required. So if you’re the outlook for a light, fast, and operative way to import DBX to PST file format, you should conceive using a professed whitener. If your outlook on Google, there are many vendors providing 3rd party tools for DBX to PST rebirth. The DBX exporter Tool provided by ThisTools Software is thoughtful one of the superfine solutions. Via this software, you can safely goods DBX to PST separate with supply assessment.

The demo variation of DBX exporter Tool contains the homophonic features and functionalities. You can successfully import DBX to PST file. But there’s a regulating in the demo type. By using the demonstrate writing, you can exclusively prevent eldest 10 email messages of each DBX file you select into a new PST file. In organization to avoid this regulating, you necessity to acquire the licensed edition.


In this article, we’ve discussed the disagreement between Microsoft outlook, OE, and their files, i.e. DBX and PST. Also, we’ve learned how to align the email messages from OE to outlook by using two several manual tricks. And if the practice tricks don’t amend you, then you should ruminate using an adult DBX to PST exporter tool.

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