Racy poses of Abigail Ratchford reminds Kim’s ‘break the internet’ shoot

Kim Kardashian has a new competitor in the curves department. The 23 years old lingerie model, Abigail Ratchford from Los Angeles has put her own spin on Kardashian’s ‘break the internet’ shoot. The photo-shoot created for Paper magazine is famous for its daringly exquisite pictures of Kim Kardashian.

Racy poses of Abigail Ratchford reminds the Kim’s ‘break the internet’ shoot

The young model posted a racy picture of herself on a social media website while she prepared to mimic the infamous spread from last year which showed the senior model, now 35, stripped down to a pearl necklace and baring her luscious curves in a variety of enthralling poses.

Abigail’s fresh sneak peek suggests that she is all poised to give her senior counterpart some tough time in the coming future. Abigail can be seen in the picture with her back completely bare during the photo-shoot. This was the same pose that Kim did for the cover of the paper.

Racy poses of Abigail Ratchford reminds the Kim’s ‘break the internet’ shoot 1

In order to be fair with the original snap, Abigail sought out the shining black gown that was worn by Kim, and the same pearl necklace as well as the dark silk gloves. She even made up her dark locks into a top knot. The brown background used for the picture is identical to the one used in Kim’s original shoot.

Abigail ensured the availability of a Champagne bottle which was ready at hand suggesting that the newcomer has plans of recreating more pictures of Kim, especially the one in which the latter is seen smiling seductively and opening the bottle and simultaneously pouring the drink into a glass balanced on to her bottom.

Abigail commented on the social media that the photo-shoot was inspired by her favorite images. Her images suggest the confidence with which the newcomer faced the camera posing in such explicit scenes.

A video of the photo-shoot was also posted on the internet a day before the images made it to the World Wide Web. She is seen lying bare on a bed of roses while assistance covered her intimate parts with the red flowers.

This was inspired by the famous movie American Beauty in which actress Mina Suvari was depicted in exactly the same manner. For Halloween, Abigail donned the costume of Jessica Rabbit, the curvy cartoon character also replicated by Heidi Klum.

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