Tips to Release a Tension Headache

Do you feel a throbbing pain in your head that becomes more intense as you try to focus? You are suffering from a headache caused due to tension. These headaches are more common than you would believe. These tips will help you to release a tension headache.

Tips to Release a Tension Headache


The primary cause for a tension headache is stress. Take time and res in a comfortable place, preferably a dark quite room where you lie down. Play soothing music and ask everyone to not disturb you.


It is known that a good cup of coffee will help you feel better when you have a headache. Many medications for headache have caffeine in them. This will release your tension headache.

Hot/Cold treatment:

Exposing yourself to heat or cold will help you from the pain. Find out which works better for you when you have a tension headache. Hot or cold? Accordingly go for a hot shower, hot bottle or a cold ice pack.


Massages work wonders in easing tension. Massage your back and head and you can feel the tension knots in your body loosening out as your muscles relax. This should surely help release your tension headache


Lack of sleep can make even the slightest mishaps seem large and you will easily get tensed. Get ample sleep every night and if your head starts throbbing during the day, take a quick nap and you will feel better.


Certain exercise do help you in releasing your tension headache. This includes breathing exercises, neck rotating exercises and the working of your back muscles.


For acute cases of tension headaches, consult a doctor for medication to release your tension headache. However trying to get rid and control them naturally is always a better option. You could also try consuming some over the counter medication for immediate relief when you do not have the time or opportunity to unwind. Usually aspirin and acetaminophen are used in medications for tension headache.


Consuming almonds is a healthier alternative to release your tension headache. Soak almonds and consume a handful, it helps because it contains Salicin which is also an ingredient in your over the counter medication for tension headaches


Another healthy home remedy is to consume is the ginger root. Ginger is very effective in building your immunity and also balances the toxins in your body. Grate a tbsp. of ginger root and mix it with two cups of water and keep it aside for a while. Then drain the ginger pieces and consume the water. You will feel better with time.

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