Refresh Your Summer Fitness Routine With Simple Tips


Summer Fitness Routine

The weather is getting warmer. The days are getting longer. School’s out. Summer vacation is here! Looking forward to spending your days relaxing poolside basking in the sunshine? Or ready to dip your toes in the sand as you listen to the sound of the waves at the beach? Or perhaps you’re gearing up for a much-needed vacay overseas — where you’ll explore new cultures and foreign shorelines while getting your daily dose of vitamin D.

Regardless of your plans, summer means it’s swimsuit season. And while the thought of long days filled with sunshine is a happy notion for most of us, the idea of putting on a swimsuit is often just the opposite. Yuck…Ugh…Nooo thanks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take the feel-good energy you get from the sunshine and put it towards hitting refresh on your summer fitness routine. We want you to be excited about summer — the swimsuit-wearing aspect included.

A new season is the perfect time for a fresh start. Even if you don’t feel like your summer bod is ready to make a splash, there’s no need to worry. Focus on kickstarting your summer fitness routine and enjoying the journey. Don’t get caught up in attaining an ideal final result.

New season — new workout.

We have some simple tips to help you create your best summer workout routine yet, so read on to discover them!

Benefits of Staying Active During the Summer

Optimize your summer fun with physical activity. The word summer just oozes sunshine, rainbows, and joy. Sunshine has been proven to be a mood booster, and getting your vitamin D helps your overall health. But guess what else has been scientifically proven to boost your mood? If you were thinking about exercise, you thought right. Working out releases endorphins which are the feel-good hormones associated with happiness. So why not boost your mood by working out outside in the sunshine? It’s a win-win situation.

The vitamin D you get from the sunlight also helps optimize your muscular strength and functionality. Decreased anxiety, stress, and sadness are other benefits of adding sun rays to a consistent summer workout routine.

Whether you’re a regular fitness enthusiast or brand new to fitness —  summer is a great time to change things or get started. Because of the warm weather, your body requires less warm-up time and is less prone to injury. You also have many more options for physical activity choices during summer. Be adventurous and indulge in various outdoor activities while you have the chance.

Setting Goals for Your Summer Fitness Routine

Summer is a thrilling time, and we’re excited for you to refresh your summer fitness routine. But it’s always important to be safe and smart when starting any fitness routine.

Evaluate Your Current Fitness Level

Before rebooting your workout routine for summer, you should take the time to do a self-assessment. Evaluate where you are currently in your fitness journey.

  • Have you been working out regularly?
  • Has it been several weeks or months since you’ve worked out consistently?
  • Are you recovering from any injuries or illnesses?

It’s important to ask yourself questions like these. And make sure you establish body awareness to help you get started on the right track.

Create the Optimal Summer Fitness Routine for Your Lifestyle

There’s not one set right way to work out — no one size fits all approach. What’s best for you may not be best for someone else. Seeking advice from professionals such as fitness trainers and your primary physician may be beneficial, but ultimately the decision comes down to you. You know your body best, and choosing your optimal summer fitness routine is up to you.

Rising with the sun and getting your workout in first thing in the morning may work best with your schedule. Or maybe you thrive on evening sweat seshes. Also, don’t forget to explore outdoor seasonal activities only available during the summer months.

At the end of the day, whatever floats your boat and keeps you motivated to work out — go with that.

Nutrition and Hydration Tips for Summer Fitness

Fueling your body with proper nutrients and staying hydrated is important for your overall health year-round. But as the temperature rises outside, staying properly energized and hydrated becomes increasingly more important.

Think about how much you sweat during a high-intensity workout. Now take that workout outside in the heat. The hotter it is, the more you’ll sweat. And the more you sweat, the more water you need to drink to avoid becoming dehydrated.

While it’s no news to you that dehydration has many negative effects on your body, including a sense of sluggishness and fatigue, you may not be aware that it also affects your metabolism. When your body is dehydrated, your metabolism slows down. And on the contrary, upping your water intake can help with weight loss.

A healthy, balanced diet is essential in supporting your summer fitness routine. It’s not just about making sure you aren’t over or under-eating, but it’s about what you’re eating as well. Your body uses food as fuel. If the food you consume is highly processed and high in saturated fats and sugar, how do you think that will fuel your body? Not so well — meaning you probably aren’t going to feel so great.

That’s why including whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, in your diet is essential. These foods give your body the nutrients and vitamins needed to energize you pre-workout and help your muscles recover.

Tips for Working Out Safely in the Summer Heat

While the summer heat somewhat benefits your workouts, it can also be dangerous. Proceed with caution if you do opt to take your workout outdoors.

Choose Appropriate Workout Times

You should avoid working out outdoors when there are excessive heat warnings. Also, it’s best to avoid the hottest hours of the day, which are typically 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Try and get your workouts in either before or after these times.

Early morning workouts are a great idea — you avoid the overly hot temperatures while also giving yourself a boost of energy for the rest of your day. If you’re not a morning person, you can also shoot to get your workout around sunset. You’ll get to enjoy the bonus of the beautiful scenery.

Wear Breathable Clothing

Working out outdoors in higher temperatures will already increase your body temperature, making you sweat more. Do yourself a favor and choose lightweight clothing that allows your body to breathe. There are many options for fitness apparel designed to help keep you cool while you work out.

Protect Your Skin

And lastly, make sure always to wear sunscreen when you exercise outdoors in the sun. Even if it’s cloudy, don’t be fooled. Check the weather app on your phone to see the UV index. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF appropriate for your skin tone to keep your skin always protected under the sun.

Benefits of Lagree Fitness for Summer Workouts

There’s no better workout than Lagree to sculpt your body for summer. Adding Lagree to your summer workout routine will help keep you feeling strong, confident, and energized all summer long.

Lagree fitness helps you get results fast — it’s a super effective and efficient full-body workout. No need to spend hours on end in the gym every day. Instead, incorporate a few 40-minute  Lagree classes each week and have more time to enjoy outdoor activities while the weather permits. From swimming and kayaking to biking and hiking, there are plenty of options to stay physically active as you soak up the sun.

As a bonus, not only does Lagree help you torch tons of calories during your workout, but you’ll continue to burn calories long after class ends. So enjoy a refreshing cocktail and a decadent ice cream cone without the guilt.


Summer is upon us, baby! It’s time to whip out your swimsuit and sunscreen. Head outdoors and put your summer workout routine into motion. And between your dips in the pool and your sunset hikes, don’t forget to sign up for your first class and refresh your fitness routine with Lagree!


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