Russia Claimed MH17 Report Biased

The Russian Aviation Chief of intelligence agency are reporting that Russia has claimed on the basis of International Standards to the International Civil Aviation Organization to start a new inquiry into last year’s set down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 flying through the eastern Ukraine. The chief of the Russian aviation presented complete reports about the agency claiming last Wednesday.

Russia Claimed MH17 Report Biased

The recent event shows that the Boeing 777 goes down on July 17, 2014 which happened on the land areas that comes between a military battle zones between Russia supported protesters and Ukrainian government militaries. VW contradicts about the report showing at least 30 managers involved in diesel cheat Volkswagen.

This was also deprived of a report by German magazines today that are claiming at least 30 managers at the carmaker were intricate in supports diesel emission test consequences. The reports are showing that the number is wholly unfound.

According to the Dutch Safety Board was clear enough to make a proper statement against the government. In the final report that was released on Tuesday showing the jet was devastated by a Soviet-made “Buk surface-to-air missile”. It was confirmed that two-thirds of the total passengers that are countable 298 people died were Dutch.

The conspiracy behind the incident that was Iran using Russia’s cover starts sending fighters to Syria. Over the time Iran has sent more than hundreds of troops to the areas of northern and central Syria during the first open placement in the country’s civil war, linking fighters from its Lebanese partner Hezbollah in an aggressive against.

Talking about the geographical area, the 15-month investigation did not openly say who had fired the missile but it recognized over a zone of 320 square kilometers from the region where the launch must be initiated.

The entire area was in control of the pro-Russian protesters making hostile attempts with Ukrainian forces during the time of tragedy. This all details were based on the details of daily maps of fighting presented by the Ukrainian National Security Council. On the other hand Russia and the protesters claim that in case the plane was demolished by a missile then it was the responsibility of Ukrainian military.

Storchevoi implies that Russia trusts in the fact that some of the proof has been falsified. He suspects the Dutch are hiding important data from Russia as it raises questions to their authenticity and motive.

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