Solange Knowles featured in gold body paint in her new music video

Body painting is a very provocative way of exposing one’s body and Solange Knowles is a pro when it comes to exposure both figuratively and literally.

Solange Knowles featured in gold body paint in her new music video

Solange Knowles is recently seen in nothing but gold body paint in the new ‘Cranes in the Sky’ music video. The fans of the 30 year old songstress were clearly surprised on Sunday when they saw Solange undressed and posing on the rock. The background landscape was Southwestern desert.

Beyonce’s sexy sister was looked more or less lost during the span of the entire video. The visuals seem inspired by the hit single ‘Lemonade.’

The editing, art-direction and co-direction of the video is done by Solange herself. Moreover, she has also done all these things in her second video ‘Touch My Hair.’ This video is done with Alan Ferguson who is Solange’s second husband.

It is not surprising that the icon of natural hair displayed several novel hairdos and fashion besides golden body paint for both of her videos.

The minimalist locations of the landscape and the highly coordinated colors are very interesting. They are also arresting to the eyes. The choreography of the songs is thrilling.

Solange Knowles took three years to finish her third album. This could also be considered her fourth overall. It has been at the top of iTunes chart since it was released recently to the public.

The lyrics for the songs are inspired by her parents. They are also features speaking in interludes. The Rise crooner stated that whenever she thinks of these lyrics, she thinks about her mother and how she started her own hair salon in the garage.

She also remembers the hard work that was put in by her mother in order to grow her business until it became a popular and successful salon with more than two dozen employees.

Solange also relates the story of her father who was a very poor man. But he had very big dreams which eventually made his successful until he became the owner of a record label.

Despite the immediate success of the video featuring Solange in gold body paint, she is still worrying about touring with her 12 year old son, Daniel. Daniel was fathered by Solange’s ex-husband.

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