The reasons behind cancellation of WikiLeaks founder address

Julian Assange will make the revelation through video Link in Germany.The 10th WikiLeaks anniversary address of Julian Assange is very highly anticipated. He was supposed to carry out this address from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in the English capital.

Reasons behind cancellation of WikiLeaks founder address

However, it is now known through an announcement that Assange will not be giving this speech owing to the security concerns. Julian Assange will, however, attend a Berlin event with the help of a video link.

The general public has been holding its breath for more than a month now waiting for an anticipated surprise which was dubbed as the ‘October surprise.’ It is supposed to be consisting of classified data which, when came to public knowledge, will deal a serious blow to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

For almost a month now the public has held its breath waiting for the so-called “October surprise” leak of classified data that is rumored to deal a devastating blow to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It was only announced last week that the WikiLeaks announcements pertaining to Hillary Clinton will be made on Tuesday from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy. The founder of WikiLeaks has been confined to the same building for the past many years. Julian Assange fears persecution by American authorizes as well as extradition.

However, there was an announcement by WikiLeaks which let it be known that the scheduled address was cancelled due to ‘security concerns.’ Julian Assange will alternatively make the address through a video link in Berlin on Tuesday.

Assange made an appearance of Fox News during the past month. He repeated his resolve to publish more documents that will expose Hillary Clinton and ruin her chances of becoming the president of the United States. Later, during the same interview, Assange said that he may release a few teasers and also create an October Surprise.

Only a few days ago, WikiLeaks made public a number of emails exposing the Democratic Party rigging of the primary. The alleged rigging was carried out by Clinton supporters.

The victim was Bernie Sanders. The exposure of the emails culminated in the resignation of Debbie Wasserman, the chairperson of the DNC. Several other officials also left their jobs.

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