Busting 5 Myths About Solar Panels For Home

Solar panels for your home

As the world wakes up to a climate emergency, it is time to retire our old power generation methods and adopt greener options that promote a sustainable future. These cleaner sources of power help you reduce the burden on non-renewable resources and bring an efficient way of living. We have often seen that renewable sources like the sun, air, and water are used for large-scale industrial use. However, with advanced technologies, smart solutions like solar panels are now being adopted by Indian households. 

solar panels for home

There are reliable companies like Luminous that offer a comprehensive range of solar panels that are effective, efficient, and earn you that green badge of honour. However, when switching to such solutions, it is easy to get confused due to some myths that revolve around the same. These myths that, much like wasteful ways to produce energy, need to be retired right away. 

  • Solar Panels Don’t Work on Cloudy Days

If the Sun is shining, your solar panel will work. Even on days when the weather is overcast, there is sunlight as clouds do not completely block all the light. It may not be as efficient as on a clear day, but it will still produce energy.

Consider this, if the clouds prevented any sunlight from passing through, we would be living in the dark! The clouds merely filter the light, and the darker the cloud, the more it is likely to affect the sunlight from reaching the solar panel. 

  • Solar Panels Are Expensive and Do not Pay Themselves Back Very Quickly 

There has never been a greater push towards a green way of life, and manufacturers provide many financing schemes and offer to make solar power more affordable.

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To compare your expenses and electricity bills visit Power to Choose Org, which is a government website that provides rate comparison information for electricity plans in Texas. We say investment not expense because the cost needed to set up the system will bypass your high electricity bills.

Leading brands like Luminous offer a warranty of 25 years on their solar panels, making this a profitable one-time investment. 

  • Solar Panels Require Lots of Maintenance 

A solar panel is like any other piece of equipment and would require some maintenance. However, it is far easier to manage a solar panel. It just needs to be kept free of any debris, dust or anything that may cause a shade. 

  • Installation of Solar Panels is Complex

In a word, no! The installation of a solar panel system for home is like the process of getting an air conditioner or a sound system set up. There are a few steps that you need to follow but it isn’t a complex process. First, a site inspection helps you understand what you need to give you the required amount of power. Second, you move onto a recommended solution with necessary approvals from the distribution company in some cases. This brings us to the installation of the solar system, which takes a day at the most. 

  • Adding Solar Panels to My Home Will Lower Down the Rental Value

A green energy source that helps you save on your electricity bill and makes you less reliant on electrical power grids that have hours-long outages – seems like a win-win for any renter. The summer months, when you need electrical power the most for cooling, are the months when power outages across the country hit a high. There is no better way to work around this problem than by using the Sun to power the house. No tenant will see this as a deterrent, but this will only add to the value of your home. 

Switch to Smart Solar Solutions Today!

A solar panel is the best way to do your bit for the environment while also easing the electricity bill burden. When power consumption is at its maximum, our electrical systems are under severe stress and are bound to have their faults and glitches. It is best to decrease your reliance on these systems and use the free, abundant energy source- the Sun. There are reputed brands like Luminous that provide solar panels with more light absorption and offer energy up to 320 watts. You can select from the various type of solar panels according to your requirement. They provide on-grid solar panels, off-grid solar panels, and a hybrid solar panel system. So, equip your home with a solar panel and save money while protecting the environment! 

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