Taylor Swift Naked in Latest Music Video

Taylor Swift naked video – Despite claims to the contrary, the young performer is seen naked in new music video

Taylor Swift naked video

Taylor’s Claim

Taylor swift once claimed that she will never shed of her clothes because she does not need to get naked in order to sell her songs.

The star has now made use of her imagination in order to come up with a creative way of getting around her own statement.

Taylor Swift appears to be completely naked in her Latest video without actually being naked.

Preview of the new video

The famous pop star who is in her late twenties released the preview of the music video. This video is for her latest single titled ‘Ready for it’.

In the video, Taylor Swift seems to be completely without clothes. In reality she isn’t. The star is wearing a seemingly nude body suit. The scene is further enhanced by the adroit lighting in the scene.

Clips of the naked video

Taylor Swift posted three short clips pertaining to the video on her Instagram page. Her fans received them well earning more than two million views in just an hour.

During an interview with a famous magazine a few years ago,Taylor Swift had declared that she never wanted to take off her clothes like so many of her peers in the music industry. She said that she never finds the urge to do that.

She further elaborated that she found it much easier to remain within her clothes.

Never excited

The star of the naked video said during another interview that she is never excited at the prospect of showing off her body. In fact revealing her inner feelings through her songs had always been more thrilling for her.

Also known as a songwriter who has written a number of popular confessional songs, Taylor Swift relates that writing is her passion . it gives her much more satisfaction than anything else.

The naked video will be released on Thursday. The teaser of the video suggests that it will be based in future .

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