Woman Sexually Assaulted by doctor

Woman Sexually Assaulted – The alleged doctor has been removed from the list of practicing physicians after sexually assaulting patient.

Woman Sexually Assaulted by doctor

The medical licensing authorities of Manitoba have removed a doctor from its list of practicing physicians after charges of sexual assault were laid against him. It is not clear if an investigation into the conduct of the doctor has been opened.

The registrar’s office of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba stated through an email on Tuesday that the name of Dr. Mazhari Ravesh is not on the list of its practicing physicians. This came after the arrest of the doctor was announced by the police.

The Only Authority

The college is currently the only body authorized to pull a name off the list. The college refrained from elaborating whether it will also open an investigation into the misconduct.

The college of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba made it clear that the doctor in question has no prior history of sexual assaults against patients. The charges were made known by the police during a press conference on Tuesday.

Released on a promise

Dr. Amir Winnipeg Mazhari-Ravesh is 51 years old. He is also known as Amir Ravesh. He was charged on the allegations of sexual assault and later released when he promised to appear.

The incident of alleged sexual assault occurred at a walk-in clinic in Elmwood last week.

The police fears there may have been other such incidents with other assault victims.

Last Thursday, a young woman of 19 years came for medical treatment at a hospital after leaving the walk-in clinic. The following day, police in Winnipeg began a formal investigation. The doctor voluntarily came to the police where he was charged with assault.

Concerning Event

The police have stated that the event is a cause of concern for the Winnipeg Police. They have encouraged other women to come forward if they have also experienced such incidents.

The police also made it clear that they had referred the case to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba – the licensing authority in the province.

Another organization of doctors, the Manitoba College of Family Physicians lists Dr. Amir as a secretary on its board. He has also previously served on the same board previously.

Police are also requested people with additional information to come forward.

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