The Danger of Excessive Use of Technology Affect Children Health

Technology has a gigantic role in children brought up; it has changed the style of children learning as well as thinking. It affects their way of interacting with friends, the way of entertaining themselves and the way of behaving in a society.


Technology in the shape of smartphones, IPAD’s laptops, the Internet, social media and social apps and their excessive use has brought serious concerns regarding children’s health. When young kids use technology in the form of social sites, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and much more, it affects their health and they have issues like anxiety, depression, obesity, eye problems and psychological disorders. A recent study links the excessive use of social media and teens’ mental health.

Researchers had done a survey which was based on 750 volunteer’s students; they were studying in 7th to 12th standard. Researchers came to the point that kids who were fond of a technological world were found least healthy than those who don’t spend most of their time using technology, a team of researchers in Ottawa, Canada has found the conclusion.

The study also published in the journal of “Cyberpsychology behavior, and social networking”. Technology may create advantages for human beings but irrespective of that argument, the full dependence of technology also create serious health issues especially in children because they become obsessed with the use of technology and forget the implementation of other responsibilities like sports, social interaction in a society and spending time with their siblings and use of good diet which ultimately cost them heavily.

Parents concerns over their kids using technology excessively:

In a current digital world, where parents have given their kids laptops, smartphones and IPAD’s instead of giving them a baseball bat or football in order to play in a ground, they have given their kids a piece of technology. Therefore, parents realized afterward when they spotted that their loved ones are behaving like “Smombies” while using technology and finally lose their health which resulted in overweight, obesity, psychological problems, and depression.

Disadvantages for kids using technology excessively:

  1. Bad health
  2. Low grades in school
  3. Shyness while interaction with family and with real time friends
  4. Bad sleeping patterns
  5. Complex personality

What should parents do?

It is the parents who can guide them properly, they should interact with their children or regular basis, and they should not give them privacy under the age of 15.

Parents can encourage them to do physical activities; parents should be friendly with their children in order to win their trust. A time when children come to the age of 4 or 5 they should teach their children, how to use technology in the shape of social media most importantly. Parents can also use some sort of monitoring applications in order to monitor their daily activities, what they do in their absence, what sort of social media sites they are visiting in their smartphones, laptops or on their IPAD’s. So, in short, parents should make a check on them. Parents should make some rules to be obeyed for their kids.

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